Hello Everyone,

Much love and blessings to you in the Name of our Lord.

I am visiting my mother along with many gathered family members this weekend, saying goodbye and having some last-time fun with my lovely family. 

Today I was meditating on what I want to accomplish in Africa as I head out next week. In the process of writing it down I just thought of sharing with you so that perhaps you would pray for me over the next three months. The devil will do every possible thing to wipe out this work through lack of funds or emergencies or his usual disruptions so this is why YOUR prayer is needed.


1.     In Uganda, I want to begin making radio shows to feature our fabulous testimonies from the streets and even testimonies from some to the traffickers that have been caught and brought to justice.

2.     In Uganda, I want to begin the making of ¯How To Do Street Kid Ministry¯ instructional videos for us to have, so that we can help all of the new organizations joining Active Blessing from all over the world.

3.     I want to be able to finish my book, ¯Street Kids Speak¯ and submit to the publisher, immediately after arriving. I need advertising and marketing for it.

4.     I need to fly to Kenya and visit our four new affiliates doing street kid work, and set up the oversight and financial business for them.

5.     I then need a flight to Tanzania with one of our street pastors to jump-start a new Street Kid Ministry project in Arusha.

6.     I also need to fly from Uganda to Sierra Leone to look at the very prosperous SK ministry going on there, but the ticket prices are so expensive that I am not seeing a possibility of it happening. (I still have hope of a miracle!)


Many Blessings to you and may you hold your boat steady in the storm. Do what is right in the sight of God, no matter what is thrown at you¯.

Love n Peace




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