Special Announcement
21st December, 2013
Dear Intercessors:
I would have written you before today after receiving the news, but because my heart has remained inconsolable over the death of my very dear friend, brother, intercessor and standard bearer, Rev. Sydney Murray
On 13th of December 2013, I had a nudge in my spirit to pray for certain pillars of the Open Heaven Intercessors, and the name of Brother Murray was specific in my heart. When the prayer mail had gone, within few minutes, the following message came to me with an unbearable shock:
Our dear Pastor Amakor,
Thanks so much for the years of prayer and intercession for my brother Rev Murray of New Jersey, USA. He was so happy that you have held him up and his daughter Camelle in prayer, and was always willing to answer his calls when he needed to talk. My name is Jackie, his sister and I wanted to tell you that this wonderful man of God went home to Jesus on Tuesday morning. He was discovered in his home by some brethren. My niece is still in a coma, but I know he did not ever waiver in his faith concerning her deliverance and healing. Please keep her and or family in your prayers. He will be laid to rest on next Saturday. Again, thank you for your faithfulness man of God, and all the powerful prayer warriors. Blessings,
Please pray for me, that God will give me grace to bear the loss of one of my best friends in Minisstry. He is one of the brethren I strongly believed in my heart to meet when I come to the USA. He was a pillar to this ministry. Have sent books, funding, stood with us in the gap for many, and never relented in calling me regularly. Few years ago, we were speaking every two days. Towards the end of November, he called me, but we could not speak. When my biological father died, without solicitation, he participated strongly in the burial arrangements. He was a part of my life and ministry.
Please let us continue to pray. They enemy is fighting hard to deplete the rank of gap standers around the nations. Let us pray for one another. From the ministration I get for 2014, it will be a tough year for the devil and his minions.
Let us expand the frontier of our prayers in 2014 to recover lost grounds and stand strong for kingdom people.
Rev Muray left a dear daughter who has been in coma for years now. Please pray for Camelle, that God will raise her from sick bed.
Thank you all for being there for the Lord. Though this is not the best way to celebrate the season, it is with heavy heart that I say to all intercessors, thank you for being there for the Lord. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW (2014) YEAR.
Pastor Amakor
Open Heaven Intercessors
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