Aloha, Friends:

I was reading Proverbs 16 in the Amplified Version when it states that "When we roll over our works to God, He will make our thoughts agreeable to His Will. . . "  So many of us have learned to use our "minds" to move us through life even when running alongside of faith and truth in the infallible and inerrant Word of God.  We cherish the Mind of Christ that lives within us and we realize the value of Revelation 17:9 . . . IN LIGHT OF THE ENDTIMES, THIS CALLS FOR A MIND WITH WISDOM, the Mind of Christ.

I have always taught the concept of the SUBTLE SIDES OF GOD.  I appreciate the God in the subtle.  He knows how to get us to "roll our works" to Him so that our thoughts become agreeable to His Will.  We cherish the way He leads us until we assume that He will always lead us in the prior ways that He has done over and over again. But, these endtimes are different.   The battle, even though never really existed and if so already brought to victory by the Cross, is not practically unfolding in human drama and we are seeing that God is taking us from what we have always done to a new thing that we must do so Satan has no point of reference.  God will work beyond the familiar to confuse the enemy who has been tracking us over the centuries of time.  God is calling us to be pliable for the Master's use and to respond at a moment's notice.  He is actually beginning to harvest the wheat and bundle the tares that are co-mingling in the body of Christ.

God is sifting and sorting the church . . . 

In the last two years, I have been personally challenged.  In recent months, I have wanted to re-evaluate the last phase of my life from "center focus on spiritual warfare" by virtue of the prophetic and apostolic ministries that God has given me to a more subdued place of simply writing and teaching.  Being the CHIEF ENFORCEMENT OFFICER by default can be taxing after forty years of active and intense ministry.  I love serving God, but I  do not want my primary mission is fighting Satan and every of his tactics.  I want to be in a proactive and positive visionary focus that wins the lost, trains the believers, and experiences the Presence of Shekinah Glory.

Yet, inspite of my heart's prayer, I am seeing God do things before my eyes that are part of the subtle sides of His person.

Let me cite just a few:

Recently, I asked the church to please help me raise $25,000 in two weeks.  This was a surmountable amount for our Hawaii economy.  I knew I had the church over the years to support our vision and the people have always been responsive. But. as their spiritual father, I could tell that the people would eventually become weary, not because they do not want to give, but because the economy has changed and many people are in survival mode.  Yet, by faith, I made the plea.

And while the full $25,000 came in on the last minute yesterday, to which I praise God, what blessed me most are the precious people who sacrificed and gave.

I do not have the complete list, I simply want God to bless each sacrifice and willing heart.

But, there a few stories that have come to my desk, stories that do not reflect the more completed version of reality.  Yet, when I got up this morning, I was blessed and felt compelled to write this testimony.

How do I say THANK YOU?

You know who you are and more importantly God knows who you are.

But, two stories among many as beautiful came to my attention from  two of our young people.

One young man said to me, Papa, I only had a $20.00 bill and I  wanted to give it so I gave it to the church.  And while I thanked him for his love for God in that act of faith, when he left the conversation, I began to tear up.   I am not good at asking people for offerings.  I hurt when they hurt, I know they give their best.  But, when God delivers a testimony to my office, I am moved in Spirit.  And there are many others like that, I wish I could post my heart's warmth when I read of their willing hearts.  The amount can almost be irrelevant (not quite, smile), especially when the heart that gave it gave it so willingly.  I am reminded of the willing heart of the young lad who gave his lunch for the disciples to feed the 5,000.

Another young man said to his mother, I  DO NOT LIKE HEARING PAPA ASK FOR MONEY, he said it with a hurt for the burden he felt  I was carrying.  Yesterday, he gave his money reserved for a needed vacation of $800 to the offering, a young man in his early twenties.

So why am I posting this?

Because God has a subtle message for me too. He still works in subtle places.  He still hears our prayers and moves the hearts of people who we do not expect to respond.

I wish I had the list, although I know that the right hand is not supposed to know what the left hand is doing.   But, I am not informing to brag on the donor, but to brag on God who moves on willing hearts.

If you were one of the many who gave in the last two weeks and you are sacrificing painfully so, I humbly ask you to forgive me for asking and I ask God to multiply your blessings and speak blessings to your lives and the lives of your loved ones.

Thank you all, you know who you are!  


Adrian Yuen, Ph.D.


(808) 723.9184



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