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Prophetic Training and Equipping For The Saints


The Desensitization of The Christian

And The Word of God



The Ark

Ray Winstone (right) plays Noah's nemesis, Tubal-cain, a descendant of Cain

Anthony Hopkins as Methuselah

Bad Guys

Running to the Ark

Watchers Return to God

If you're looking for a Watcher from Noah, you''re not going to find them -- until you see the actual film, when you'll probably be shocked by both their appearance and their importance to the plot.

Even a Google Image search for "Noah The Watchers,," turns up a single picture of an actual Watcher -- one that shows Nick Nolte apparently giving voice to his character - which Aronofsky himself tweeted back in January

The Flood


Kevin Sorbo Left and Shane Harper Right

Newboys - God's Not Dead


The Desensitization of the Christian

And Their God

Discussion and Questions for Your Spirit

Doors Open 7:30 For Fellowship and Music

Around 8:00 PM CST For The Discussion

Jesus The Christ
The Only Begotten Son of God
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