When we gather together for unified corporate prayer, it always matters to the Lord and it always makes a difference! All He asks is that we care enough to "ask, seek, and knock." He will do the rest! History has proven that when we are faithful to pray, He is faithful to answer. 


Soon there will be 3 opportunities to gather to pray together on the National Day of Prayer, which is  Thursday, May 1st. Please Please Please share the attached poster, announce in your circles, invite to the Facebook events, and spread the word however you can!

Let's pray together and see what God will do!


You can encourage others throughout the nation to find an event near them on the NDP website:


In Christ,

Jim Moore & Peter Carlson 

Oregon NDPTF Assistant Coordinator's

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The details of each event are posted on the NDP website, but here are the essentials for our city of Salem:

7 pm Capitol steps event:


1). At 6 am there will be an hour of worship and prayer at the Salem House of Prayer, followed by a coffee/fellowship time at the Cafe Shine (Address is 248 Liberty or the alley to the Prayer Room).

2). At 12 noon, there will be a gathering at the Riverfront Park in Salem (under the large gazebo, north of the Carousel)  This will include some worship and prayer, led by Pastor Jerry Sloan of Capitol Park Wesleyan Church, and Pastor Gordon Bergman of Salem Alliance Church.

3). At 7 pm, there will be a gathering at the Main (North) steps of the Salem Capitol Building (on Court Street). This event is coordinated by Jim Moore of the Salem House of Prayer, and Peter Carlson of Heart of the Valley House of Prayer in Corvallis. Jim and Peter are the Oregon coordinators for the National Day of Prayer.

Thank you so much for helping to publicize these events.  We are breaking ground for the Kingdom of God to move in Oregon as we unite in prayer!!




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