Sunday Scripture 27th April, 2014 sent by Ghuna Kumar for Gospel Friends, Post Box- 2202, Mandavelli, Chennai 28, South India

As you all heard earlier, we met with big accident on the 14th at 1: 30 am this month. It was a very great miracle act of God that saved our lives without fractures and bloodshed. When I recall the incident and the after events God gave me the following message.


People who gathered around that accident that night kept on telling, ¯Your God has saved your lives.¯ Some said, ¯Since you are working for God and helping the poorest you came out of the accident without being injured¯. All these have disclosed the confirmation of that we are God¯s children and also God has accepted our ministry. In 1 King 17: 27- ¯The woman said to Elijah, now I know that you are a man of God and the Word of the Lord in your mouth is truth.¯   When a miracle takes place the authenticity of our being God¯s children carrying on God¯s work is vindicated.



The very next day we had some people from the village where the accident took place came to express how they came to trust Jesus Christ after seeing the accident. Our own faith in the area of God¯s protection is deepened. So miracles undoubtedly increase our faith. We read in John 2:11- that the disciples believed in Him after seeing the miracle at Cana. And also we read in John 2:23- that many believed in His name when they saw the sign that He was doing. John 11: 45- we read that many believed in Jesus after seeing what He did.



During 1991, I went to Jackson USA to do my study in Christian Education. In two months time I could not walk for I developed a vascular necrosis on my right femur head. I returned to India and checked with 13 Orthopedic Surgeons and everybody advised for a total heap replacement. I did not have mind or money to do it. But one fine morning God healed my heap miraculously and as a result I went back and completed my studies at Wesly Biblical Seminary. On that day I was going to receive my certificate the Lord stopped me and gave me the vision that God healed my heap to walk in order to walk for the cause of caring the orphans, the blind, the downtrodden, and the poorest. This vision of God got fulfilled totally through the ministry of Gospel Friends. Acts 9:6- we read about Saul, seeing a light suddenly from heaven changed not only his life but made him as an apostle to the Gentile world. We come to know from Matthew 14:33- that when the heavy wind ceased the disciples worship Jesus, ¯truly you are the Son of God.¯ Therefore all miracles are purposeful and impressing God¯s vision on us.




Even though the accident was quite a difficult trauma to go through, the incident caused hundreds of people to praise God. People who came to see me in person were in tears and thanking the Lord continuously. In some place I came to know that they had a special thanksgiving service for protecting us from the accident. Even many non Christians have expressed and acknowledged the greatness of our God so ultimately our God¯s name was highly glorified. In Mark 2:12- we read that people were all amazed and glorified God saying, ¯We never saw anything like this.¯ In Matthew 15:31- we read, ¯So that the crowd wondered, when they saw the mute speaking, the crippled healthy, the lame walking, and the blind seeing, and they glorified the God of Israel.¯ Luke 13: 13- we read of a woman who suffered from disabling spirit for 18 years. When Jesus laid His hands on her, immediately she was made straight and she glorifies God. So all miracles truly glorify God.

Praise God for the miracles we experience for they are confirmations, increase our faith, purposeful and glorify God. Amen!  


1.      We have had wonderful Paramedical Graduation. 51 girls and boys were graduated. One Mr. Nellai Kumar brought a wonderful message to these girls.

2.      We had a great celebration of Bible College graduation on the 26th Morning. All together 15 persons were graduated. One Rev. Stephen Das from Gujarat and Mr. Sam Iyasamy from Tiruninravur were conferred with Doctor of Divinity. Dr. Augustine Asir gave a powerful sermon on this celebration.

3.      On the 26th evening we had a colorful celebration of Sunday school. Under the leadership of Mrs. Jaya Ghunakumar, all the program were Bible centered and quite inspiring.

4.      On the 27th evening I spoke to 250 VBS leaders in Trichy. In that Santhiya meeting we had almost all the leaders were on their kneeling with tears of commitment. And on the next day there was a special meeting done along with their Bishop. Though the travel was tedious the result was enormous.

5.      We start mega VBS on the 30th evening. We are yet to receive the needed finance for this. Kindly pray that God will supply our needs maybe through you.

6.      I want you to pray specially for a conducive weather for all the children need to seat under thatched roof. The roof is done with dry coconut leaves.

7.      Thank you very much for all your prayers and sweet enquiries. Please pray for Jaya for she is complaining on her heap and leg. We might take a scan soon. My swelling below my right eye is almost gone. Driver Thomas is doing well. We certainly valued your prayers.

8.      I want you to pray for our monthly needs. We expect a miracle from God for this. God bless you and I love you. 



My name is Jenet Priya. I am from Sankarankovil village. I am blessed with two sisters. My father is a drunkard. He always creates problems in the family. He beats my mother every time he drinks. He tortures my mother a lot. My mother could no longer bear this harsh treatment, so she filed a complaint with the police station. For this reason, he left us and ran away from home. My mother is working as a daily laborer. With her little earning, she could hardly feed us. We could not afford to go to school. So, my mother brought me and my elder sister Jenifer to Living Hope Home. My favorite subject in school is math.  I also like to draw.  Someday I want to be a Bible woman.    



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