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Back in the early 80's several local tv stations like WTBS in Atlanta and WGN TV in Chicago put their local tv signals on the new satellite delivery systems that broadcast their programs to the entire country via Cable TV. They were called Superstations. Checking our listener statistics this afternoon from our latest internet audio provider, I was astounded to see the hundreds of cities in the US and around the world. (our old provider must have been giving us incomplete information) that we are broadcasting to online. We are truly the Lord's superstation and we never knew it was this big.

As you know we broadcast now from several websites, the oldest being Sunlite Radio  We provide online videos from a second site: Sunlite Broadcasting Network  Additionally we featured Inspirational videos and Free online Bibles and Bible studies from our latest website:  Global Bible TV

Most importantly is our online prayer community that you are part of. Our prayer coordinator Arlene Caraway has been so faithful in this regard for over a decade. I want to thank you for your prayers and support or our ministry and wanted to share this good news with you. Sunlite Ministries is  making an impact around the world and our outreach is only going to get larger in the weeks and months ahead. God Bless you!  Pastor Allan



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