"Lead me to the rock that is higher than I" Psa. 61:2


This morning I meditated Psalm 61. King David draws some word pictures of God. Let us see few of them.


GOD IS LIKE A ROCK  Verse 2: The rock is a secured place and none of the enemies can reach. Once we are with God we are on a very high rock.



GOD IS LIKE A TOWER Verse 3 : Cities were protected by big walls around.  The soldiers can easily see the enemies through the walls but the enemies can not see them. People inside the towers feel very safe.


GOD IS LIKE A TENT OR HOUSE Verse 4 : Those days once you are taken into a tent, all your needs are taken care of. That is why God is Jehovah Jireh (Gen.22:14). That is why Psalmist says in Psa 23:5  "I shall dwell in the house of Jehovah for ever." 



GOD HAS WINGS Verse 4 : The wings of the mother bird keeps the baby birds warm and safe.  Undoubtedly God keeps His children spiritually vibrant and lively.



PRAYER : Father God, I want to dwell in your tent all through this new month of Feb 2015. Amen







Praise God for His protection for we are in risky zone now.

One of our pastors namely John was arrested for preaching and we had to get him out with much difficulties and pressures.

In spite of unfavorable atmosphere our four Gospel Teams   went into 36 villages to spread the Good News. They went into 12,000 homes and prayed for them. This happened in the last week of December and in the first week of this new year.  

The building for the Boy's orphanage is progressing quickly and we may get it done before the end of Feb. Praise God for we will let the boys occupy by 1st of March. Thanks be to God and also for those who gave contributions for this building.

Please continue to pray for our daily needs of all the projects of Gospel Friends.

Please do pray for my preparations for the three Bible Conferences planned in the month of May. In these Bible conferences we will study the whole Bible in depth in fifteen hours in the span of three days. This study will cover all the books of the Bible chronologically, geographically, historically with the main thrust on HOLINESS. Elaborate notes will be given on the essence and the spiritual applications of each book of the Bible. If you are interested please let me know so that I shall guide you whom to contact.

God bless you and your family







1.    School requires four class rooms each costing $ 8,000 (Rs. 48,00,000) The name of the contributor or any memorial name will be inscribed in each class room. 


2.  Nursing school requires 5 more rooms in the upstairs each costing $8000 or Rs. 4,80,000)


3.  VBS Pavilion to seat 5000 children with galvanized roof. This will cost around $30,000 (Rs.18,00,000) This will protect us from rain. This pavilion will be used for not only for VBS but also other conferences and meetings.


4.  Our monthly needs is around $24000 Rs.14,40,000/- We need monthly or yearly givers. I am praying for 300 Pillars of Gospel Friends mission in India. Please choose to be one of the pillars. Let me know by emailing to  We pray for the pillars every day. God bless you.



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