“Your  Word is a Lamp unto my feet and a Light unto my path.” Psa. 119:105

The Bible is always referred for direction and enlightenment. The Psalmist uses both figures of Lamp and Light. The Word illuminates our way in this world both night and day.

Lamp :- Lamp is used by night. Night also signifies dangers and difficulties. The feet here is to be understood as particular actions. As a Lamp in the night the Word of God will direct and guide us even in the darkest moments.

Light :- The light of the sun shines by day.  Day may denote success and accomplishment .  The word “Path” represents the choices of our lives.  As a light the Word of God will direct us to the right choices and right course of life.

LAMP & LIGHT :- Both of these intend to illuminate the following:-

1. Exposes the sins of our hearts and minds

2. Emphasises the only deliverance from sin is through Jesus Christ and His name, the light of the world is the theme of the Bible.

3. Explains the righteous way to live which is a perfect obedience to God

4. Elucidates the purpose of suffering and afflictions.

I have been blessed by the Word both night and day. I am sure it is your experience too. God bless you.

PRAYER  Dear Father, thank you for your Word and your Word is a Lamp and Light. Amen



  1. Almost 1000 people died of Swine Fever and mostly in the central part of India. Pray this gets arrested. Over 17,000 people suffer from this fever.
  2. Praise God for the great ministry done in Nepal, West Bengal, Orissa and Tamilnadu by Joel and Curt. It was tiresome and sacrificial. Both of them got great reports. I shall forward the report to you and if you want your email id to be included please let me know.
  3. Dr. Easley, my professor at Wesley Biblical Seminary and Frank have had seven days of wonderful ministry among villagers, Students and Pastors. I shall be sending to you of their report of the ministry accomplished. Thank God for these days of blessings.
  4. 21 people were blessed by embracing Christ Jesus.
  5. There have been incidents of oppositions and please pray.
  6. The building for the orphan boys got almost completed. We are thankful to all of you who made contributions for this cause. Now we need $7000 more to get paid fully. I request you to pray and help for this. I promised Mr. John Wesley our contractor that the whole amount will be paid to him by 10th of March when he will hand over the finished building to us. So please treat this as an urgent plea.
  7. Kindly continue to pray for the big Pavilion with galvanised sheets for VBS children.
  8. I shall be preaching convention in CSI Wesley Church, Ooty, The Nilgiris in this week end and so I count on your prayers.


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