We really, really, really NEED Your PRAYERS HELP God!!
This news letter e-mail is a PRAYER request … please PRAY. :-)
We are looking and praying about the First Christian Church, Fellowship, Business and Ministry building
in Ao Nang Krabi Southern Thailand. PLEASE take just one moment to PRAY, your prayer moves mountains,
put this request out to the prayer warriors, intercessors and mighty people of God- amen!!
HELP us bring HIS Kingdom and Will to a city that is open right now, a place that is 60% Muslim, 40% Buddhist
and 0% Christian … will you join in praying for us in this exciting Divine time?? Lord what Building will YOU use??
YOU can be a Divine Investor, you can build the Kingdom and you can own a building in the Paradise of God??
PRAY for the HOPE of Thailand Churches, they are serious about God’s Kingdom and
they have a PLAN on paper to have a Church in all 76 provinces of Thailand by the year 2010.
Note: This Christian movement is a Thai people movement, it is not a foriegner movement and
it is the first of its kind in Thailand ... praise God!!  Please pray for them- amen. :-)
We joined the celebration of the HOPE of Krabi Church, we got to bless Pastor Pasit with
some basic needs and we had a Divine PARTY celebrating what God has and will do- amen!!
Divine Fitness at Tiger Cave Temple Krabi … what am I talking about??
The highest point in Krabi, the biggest Temple in Krabi … is Tiger Cave Temple. This is the Ultimate Stair Master,
Zina and I went up to this Temple to pray and to keep our God’s Temple (our bodies) in shape
… it has 1,200 plus steps straight up!!  Many of these steps are like a LADDER, your heart beats quickly and then coming
down seems easy after going up but you will find your legs are ready to DIE!! Will you join us in Prayer HERE??
I took a picture from Testco Lotus Shopping Mall looking up from the parking lot and then looking down from the Temple. :-)
World Vision and YWAM link up to bless some Thai families.
It is so amazing to see Christian ministries and Churches work together in Thailand. We were so blessed
to be asked to minister with World Vision and YWAM to bless,to encourage and to share the Good News
of God so some slum/ poor families and kids. They got a full sponsorship to go on a 3 day camp full of fun,
encouragement, love and positive education. This was an amazing retreat for us, it was by a beautiful mountain,
it reminded me of the many Christian camps that Zina and I have done with a Christian ministry called Morning Star.
God is so good, we are so blessed and God loves us so much!!
   PRAY for these Men!!
Have you heard this quote?? Share this with your NON-Christian friends/ family. :-)
A great Martial Arts WARRIOR said,
"You are not ready to LIVE until your are ready to DIE."
The way you LIVE is the RESULT of how you are going to DIE.
Most do not know what they are LIVING for and what are
you currently willing to DIE for??
Start to live life to the FULL, learn some Good News that
will change your life and will give you something to DIE for!!
Goto: www.YouTube.com/2007mtm and look at
www.TheWayOfTheMastercom – 1 through 6 life changing video clips!!
“It was a MIRACLE, I have worked as a Thai Lawyer for seven years now,
I have helped many foreigners get Visas to stay in Thailand but DOC and Zina
should NOT have gotten a Visa for Zina … God has blessed them.”
A quote in Church to give God all the Glory for our VISAS to stay in Thailand!!
It has been a major struggle, we went through some difficult situations, Satan worked
hard to stop us BUT GOD was faithful and brought us the VICTORY in Jesus- amen. :-)
For the first time we feel we are fully planted in Ao Nang Krabi to be God’s Light in
the many dark places here. Honestly, it feels soooooooooo Good … Bless GOD- amen!!
We need HELP … really we need you … God wants you to help- amen. :-)
Please e-mail me if you can get involved in MTM = “Muay Thai Missions”
1. We need “prayer partners”, serious commitments, devoted prayer lists and
a willingness to enlist into God’s Army here to knock down the gates of Hell- amen.
2. We need “computer promoters”, people who can be active online to promote
MTM and there is so many ways to do this big and small.
3. We need a “hands on promoter”, people willing to go physically go to
Christian groups, ministries and Churches in order to share MTM.
4. We need “MTM missionaries”, people willing to GO and come here to serve God.
5. We need “fund raisers”, if we don’t ask … we will not receive and we need people
to reach out to Christian and NON-Christians on this. The more people who get involved
the more of God’s funds will be sent to MTM.
6. We need a “Travel Agent”, we need someone who can help us with Travel needs,
that has good connections and could get us the best price on MTM Travel needs. Also,
this person could help us in scheduling speaking events, sharing Thailand with groups
and even Muay Thai kickboxing seminars and outreaches.
7. We need “MTM people”, creative people, prayerful people and aggressive people to
help bring God’s Kingdom and Will to Ao Nang Krabi Thailand- amen!!