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When I was a young boy during World War II the USA was fighting on both ends of the world - Europe, North Africa, and Pacific Ocean - to help free people from oppressive rule by dictators. despots, and devil inspired personalities such as Hitler, Mussolini, Tojo, and Hirohito ... as well as to protect our own nation from outside aggression.

We often had civil air raid practice at night where all lights were off and little mini-parachutes would fall from the sky.

On every two or three blocks you would see a house with  a small flag denoting a relative who had been wounded or killed in battle.

My cousin, Crawford, died in France at the age of 18. I remember seeing him at our house before he left. One of the countless young men who gave is life to help save or deliver other people in other countries.

My brother, Eric, died in Italy at Salerno Beach after fighting in North Africa and Sicily. He was an ordained Methodist minister but was not a chaplain. He fought as a Lieutenant in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and earned the following medals:

Silver Star with Oak Leaf Cluster (denoting a 2nd - or TWO Silver stars);

Bronze Star with three Oak Leaf Clusters (denoting FOUR Bronze Stars);

Purple Heart with Oak Leaf Cluster (denoting TWO Purple Hearts);

Other campaign medals for action in the European, African, Middle Eastern Campaign.

My brother received his TWO Silver Stars for the following:

Saving several men from a burning amphibian; and,

Sacrificing his life to save the men under his command.

At Salerno Beach, Italy, my brother and his men were hemmed in by a sniper. They did not know exactly where the sniper was hidden. My brother willingly - and decisively - advanced to draw the sniper's gunfire so that his men could see from where he was shooting. As a result my brother was cut in two with machine gun fire from the sniper. However, this saved his men as they could then see from where the sniper was attacking.

I have often thought that this act of gallantry was a beautiful example of what the LORD JESUS CHRIST, Messiah of Israel, did for us ... He willingly gave His life on a cruel cross stake so we could live. He paid for our sins so we could receive in exchange through FAITH his righteousness - his right standing - with our Father in Heaven.

My brother, Eric, was engaged to a French girl from Paris named Marie Monique Bomparde. She wrote my family for seven years and did not get married to anyone until seven years after my brother died in battle, and her sister named her first son "Eric Neil" in remembrance of my brother.

I look now at my brother's medals as I write this and think of ONE MORE reason I will be so blessed and happy to go to Heaven: to see my brother and live with him forever ... PLUS, I get to be with the GREATEST JEW WHO HAS EVER LIVED - Yeshua (Jesus) the Son of G-d and the Promised Mashiach of Israel ... who willingly and decisively gave His life for me.

I trust you will reflect on MEMORIAL DAY USA this year, whatever country you live in or nationality you belong to, and remember that you are in a spiritual war that has already been won by the BLOOD of your Leader, Jesus the Messiah.

Your friend,

Prince Handley


“It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather we should thank God that such men lived.”

-- General George Patton




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