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God is getting down to the nitty gritty. He is getting down to those areas in our life and heart that have been suppressed, overlooked, and didn't even realize they were there about ourselves. Yes, by the fire of His love He is purging those deep hidden areas of who we are and bringing them to the surface. So if you feel you are worse now than you have ever been before or if you feel bad when things are brought to your attention about who you are and what you have been doing, just realize God is doing a good work in you!



The heart is deceitful no man can truly know their heart without God shining His revelation light upon it. But this is all a good thing. Many are going through a transition period which is the worse period of all when you are giving birth. This is the period where you lose control and don't know how to handle the next step. We must learn to relax and turn it all over to nature and just work with it or with the Lord just give up and turn it all over to Him. Because in the natural there is nothing we can do to bring yourself where you need to be in Him except to accept what He shows you, repent, and yield to His work.



Who is the prophet that said Woe I am a man of unclean lips? Yes, a prophet one who is very close to the Lord to be His mouthpiece. The closer we get to Him the easier it is to see how we are not like HIm. The dangerous place to be is when the Lord tries to show you things that He is changing and you justify them. It is like walking on the fence compromising and thinking you are right with God.



So I encourage you this day that God brought you this far and He is faithful to bring you all the way to the finish line in victory. He forever intercedes for us with perfect faith at the right hand of the Father. He sees us perfected through His blood. He sees us justified "just as if we have never sinned"! We are a vessel of honor that He will use in a mighty way in the near future. Be blessed!





    Yolanda Ballard













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