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In China, students are already immersed in classes and textbooks promoting loyalty to the Communist Party as the bedrock value. A new Communist Party directive now demands that students must be more patriotic and be totally devoted to the Party. Education in China is totally atheistic. We pray for all children from Christian homes, so they will not lose their faith in any stage of their education.
In China, the new ¯patriotic education¯ will be taught in each stage and aspect of schooling, through textbooks, student assessments, museum visits and the internet which is the chief source of information for many young Chinese. Students in China are constantly evaluated for their patriotic behavior and Christian students face tremendous pressure to conform and not have any religious belief. ​ We pray for young people from Christian families, that they will have boldness and trust in God as Daniel and his friends did.
In China, all college students receive instruction to ¯always follow the party¯ thoroughly. They are also taught the dangers of speaking negatively of the history of the Party, the nation, revolution, reform, the opening up, as well as of vilifying ​the ​Party¯s heroic figures. College years are the very first time most Chinese students come in contact with Christian groups. We pray for student ministries and the fruits they bear, as the school officials are clamping down on Bible study groups and Christian teachers leading them.
Students in China have been indoctrinated that the Communist Party is the sole engine of progress in modern Chinese history, rescuing China from humiliating subjugation to foreigners and restoring China to a position of respect and power on the global stage. Many students start living in school during junior high years and only return home a couple of weekends monthly. We pray for the parent-child relationship for believers. May the Lord impress on believers the importance of praying for the spiritual health of their children, and not merely their academic studies.
Since 1989, when students led the protest that occupied Tiananmen Square in Beijing, Party leaders have made a priority of inoculating them against any liberal values. ​Evangelism among college students is always in the gray area of laws and many students are pressured not to attend services or to inform the officials about them. We pray for the safety of those who lead and the students who attend the services. May the Lord give them great faith and help them to be fruitful in their ministry.​
By the end of 2014, almost 1.7 million Chinese students were studying abroad, many of them in Australia, Britain, Canada and the United States. Over 300,000 Chinese students are in the United States. ​We praise God for the many who have come to know Jesus as they study abroad. May​ the Lord strengthen their faith, help them to continue to grow, and even find a Christian mate. Above all, we pray they will also share their faith with their friends and families back home.
Of the million or so kindergarten teachers and aides across China, only about 60,000 (6 %) are male. Retention of male teachers is a serious challenge because male teachers complain that they are lonely, disrespected and considered to have little career ambition. ​We praise God for all who are involved in teaching the ​little ones in the churches, especially the brothers. May the Lord raise up more of them and may they see the importance of teaching the young ones to know Jesus and not be providing only babysitting so adults can worship in peace.




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