All Tribes DC National Day of Prayer by First Nations People will be held at the 
DAR Constitution Hall on 1776 D St. NW in Washington DC. 
October 20th, 2017
Time: Noon – 9pm, Doors open 11am
For more information visit

In 2016, All Tribes DC released the Power of Forgiveness through prayer over the Americas. This year, we are returning with key leaders from the Government, church and education spheres of influence with timely responses to this powerful release that began a shift in our Nation.

We are excited and with great anticipation the All Tribes DC Executive Team along with our honoured guests, Governor Sam Brownback KS, Senator Stewart Greenleaf PA, Apostle Mary Glazier, Dr. Flo Ellers, Prophet Barry Maracle, GodTV’s Lila Terhune, Apostle Joan Swallow, Chief Kenny Blacksmith, Chuck Pierce and many more will release a powerful declaration that will advance the Kingdom of God in unprecedented ways. Worship teams are ready to lead us into the Presence of God as we Welcome our Tribal King Yeshua into our midst. Jonathan Maracle of Broken Walls, Robby Cummings and band will be among the worship teams joining us.


Vision Statement
We the people, the Host People and original Gatekeepers of this great land, come together with one heart and one mind to bring healing to our nation through the Power of Forgiveness and Prayer; We believe that Peace and Harmony is the will of the Creator and the ultimate spiritual and natural order among all His people; Therefore, we proclaim that His Peace will create harmony, unity, and mutual respect and honor among all people and nations.
Mission Statement
To empower the First Nations People to activate the governmental voice of authority rightly given to them by our Creator; by expressing that authority through the gathering of all tribes and nations in Washington DC annually, to pray and intercede for our nation in October.
Declaration from the First Nation People:
“We the people, the Host people of this Great Nation and the original lovers of this land, stand united with one heart and mind to bring the power of forgiveness to bear. As the Host People of Turtle Island, we forgive every atrocity and broken covenant ever designed to destroy us as a race of people. We break every curse, and renounce every lie, purposed to decimate us as human beings. We forgive the government, the Church, and the educational system for the use of residential schools that attempted to destroy our culture and silence our voice as people by stealing our language.
We stand in the gap for those who are unable or unwilling to forgive, and call upon the Master of Life, to forgive us for harboring un-forgiveness, resentment, hatred, bitterness and rage; We repent of every curse spoken over America by our ancestors and we release the power of forgiveness to bring healing and the peace of Creator God to this land.
We declare and decree that our voice will no longer be silenced and that this nation and the world will hear our voice as we speak life and blessings over the Americas and the world.
We stand in faith believing that our citizenship lies in heaven, and we too, all await the return of our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. Being all of one mind and heart, having compassion for one another, we declare our love as brothers; not returning evil for the evil perpetuated against us, but on the contrary we choose to release a blessing, knowing that the Father of us all has called us as his children to bless and not curse, that we may inherit a blessing. Amen.”


"The greatest moments of Native History may lie ahead of us if a great spiritual renewal and awakening should take place. The Native American has been a sleeping giant. He is awakening. The original Americans could become the evangelists who will help win America for Christ! Remember these forgotten people!" Billy Graham


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