Warmest Blessings...


While we as a country and in many personal lives have been experiencing so much turmoil lately, it is so good to know that we can look to the Lord from whom our help comes and know  that the joy of the Lord is our strength.


Have you ever just let go and danced with all your might like David? How does that make you feel? Yes, physically we know that certain endorphins are released that make us feel good, but when we praise and worship as we dance, jump and leap for the Lord, when our hearts rejoice, there is just something transformative that takes place, giving us His strength to get through whatever the circumstance.  



This joy was the overall feeling, it seems, at the conference last weekend in Vero Beach, Florida. It was so nice to see such a large percentage of people who had already been to at least one DFH conference, enter the room with all the expectation and excitement, knowing God would do something special for them. There was such a freedom in the worship and joy in the fellowship. God overshadowed us with His presence as ministry took place. We had fun during all the activations and we all went away renewed and refreshed. 


I encourage you to rejoice in the Lord, leap for joy and watch what the Lord will do...


Please take a few minutes to read some of the testimonies and watch the re-cap video at the bottom of this newsletter. I hope you take a look at what is happening in the ministry too, and I look forward to seeing you at another conference or in the school! 


May the joy of the Lord be your strength and His many blessings overtake you! I am:


Dancing For Him,
Pastor Lynn




Next week already, I'm looking forward to flying out to California for the "Refreshing" conference. I can't wait! CLICK HERE to see the entire conference listing and/or HERE AND on the poster for all the details. Please spread the word and I hope to see you there!


After California, there will be one last event. The graduation retreat, "Glory of the Beloved" will be in Winter Park, Florida. There are only, I think about 13 more rooms left. CLICK HERE for all those details. This is where several of the Level 3 students will be doing the ministry activations as part of their school assignment. It is also where many worship dance topics are discussed and practiced, wonderful messages about the Glory of the Beloved will be heard, a large dance concert with many presentations will take place as well as the DFH online school graduation. People are flying in from all over the country to be there. If you want to be a part, be sure to register before the next cut off date (11/6), to make sure you get a room. It will be an unforgettable experience in a beautiful location. I hope to see you there!


Next year, there are some conferences that have early savings cut off dates. CLICK HERE to see all the upcoming events, or on the particular posters for details.






There is only 13 more days left, for the Dancing For Him Ministries Online School. Where does the time go? It seems like we just got started and it is almost over already! I am so proud of all the students who worked so hard this year, pressing toward the mark of the high calling in Christ Jesus and toward their call to dance for Him! It is an intense program, but they persevered and I am so proud of how they are finishing. 


From October 25th through January 9th, the ministry team and I will work diligently on preparation for the 2018 classes. I'll be improving and streamlining the program, while others will be helping with other aspects. Now, with four levels of study and certification, there is much to do. I've been reading the testimonies of what current students have been saying about what they received from going through the program. I am always so amazed by what they received. Here are just a few...



I have just completed the Level One DFH program. This past year has been one of the most challenging and one of the best years of my life! I have been involved in dance ministry for the past 13 years and I wish I would have taken this course sooner. I have learned and grown not only in dance knowledge, but in my relationship with God. Pastor Lynn does a wonderful job teaching and encouraging you to not only learn about the biblical meaning behind dance. She encourages to you to push yourself with tons of creative ideas to use by yourself or with your team. I highly recommend this program to anyone that is looking to grow in the area of Praise Dance. I am here to assure you that no matter your age, size or experience level, you will be loved, accepted and encouraged to succeed in this program. If you believe you have been called to Praise Dance Ministry, then look no further for grounded, biblical and anointed teaching with Dancing for Him! Bobbi - MN


It is an amazing journey! I went to my first conference in June 2016 and brought a friend with me. I told her I think this is for me. I began the classes this year, which turned out to be a one of the hardest years of my life physically and emotionally. I received so much prayer and support from my Dancing for Him family. I also was blessed with a great Accountability Partner who was there to support and encourage. There is true love flowing through this ministry. I have grown so much in the last year. I have learned things about dance that I didn’t even know existed. I was stretched, physically, spiritually and figuratively. I have some physical disabilities but God has helped my body. Pastor Lynn usually shows you a modified exercise or movement that you can do. I have learned so much from Pastor Lynn. She is an amazing teacher and minister. The conferences and the school are anointed. I have seen people set free. I have been set free. Free to dance, flag, use sign language and express the Father’s heart in a way I never dreamed possible. The Dancing for Him school is a blessing for those who want to learn to express the heart of God in new and creative ways. I can hardly wait for my second year.  Gena - FL


Extraordinarily Blessed! After a lifetime of not fitting in I’ve finally found a Place. A home and a place I was destined to be. DFH Ministries is my new beginning. A place where I was re-birthed. Restored! Level One has been such a Life Changing experience. It has taught me so much about myself, my relationship with the Lord, and helped me to believe in myself and the call that God has placed upon my life. The training and impartation from Pastor Lynn and her own experiences is exceptional. Thank You Pastor Lynn. I feel more complete today than I ever have. I can’t wait to see where God takes me in Level II. Karen - CO


Enrollment for the 2018 class ends December 31, 2017.

CLICK HERE for all the details and reserve your space in the next class.



This was my first time attending the Dance for Him Conference and I must say that this was one of the best things I could have done all year long. Pastor Lynn was INCREDIBLE!!!! Being a Praise dance leader in my church I really learned some new things form her. The Prophetic Dance touched me so deeply. The next time she is in Florida I will absolutely be attending. Mishline - Fort Lauderdale, FL



This conference was absolutely AMAZING!!!!  This was the very first dance conference I have ever attended and I didn’t know what to expect, but I can say that this far exceeded anything I could have imagined.  Pastor Lynn, you are truly anointed and I am so blessed by all you poured into us.  Thank you for sharing your gift!!! - Marianne, Atlanta, GA



I really like this conference. I feel the Holy Spirit and the Father were here and were touching every heart. And he used you to bless us and feel the feeling of this passionate atmosphere. I feel like the atmosphere was really good. I have reached a level that I have never reach before. I feel like I want to start a whole new life and give God an offering by dancing for him and touch every heart that was helpless. I really need God to be in me deeper and deeper. I will definitely come next time. I will not lose a chance like this. God Bless You. Scheida - Fort Lauderdale, FL



It was awesome to see fellow DFH students in person that I’ve seen on the webinars all year long.  Also, all of the DVDs really came alive doing it all during live conference.  I loved meeting others who had never seen prophetic dance ministry be so blessed by their touch from the Father.  The prophetic exercise we did where our partner ministered the Father’s heart to us by picking up the pieces of our life, I was partnered with an 81 year old dancer - what a blessing to receive His love, care and concern for me through her - and an honor to minister the same to her.  Love you sister Vivian!!! Kim - Richland, MI



God has done many wonders in this conference for me. He has shown me what it means to be all in all. It  is all about God and what He wants to do in and through our lives. He gives us His all. Therefore, we must give him our all.  After going through the first year of Pastor Lynn’s Dance School, this conference really brought it together for me as one big picture.  I was truly blessed by God during this dance conference. Great Conference!! Nicole - Riverview, FL



Good evening pastor Hayden, This was my first Dancing with Him Ministries conference.  It was amazing, anointed and I am so glad that the group was able to attend together.  This conference was indeed a blessing to me and it will be an unforgettable experience. I learned so much during the conference and I plan to incorporate what I learned in my ministry.  Thank you for bringing Dancing for Him to the Vero beach area!  I would also  like to say thank you to all of your student/instructors.  I bless the Lord for how He used Pastor Hayden during the conference and for allowing the Holy Spirit to manifest His presence in us.  Have a blessed evening! Nadege - Ft. Lauderdale, FL



I came to this conference last year and had an amazing breakthrough and deliverance. This year God has shown me just how much I have grown. I’m able to help and minister to others just because I was able to get completely free last year during the different exercises we did. Raymonica (Ray of Sunshine) - Jacksonville, FL



Attending this conference was life changing for me.  As a student of DFH School I learned so much in the level one course. This conference has opened up my understand more to what I learned through the course. The Prophetic dance was impactful for me as I received and watched so many young adults get touched by the Lord.  God is good!   Carolyn - Riverview, FL



My first time attending the “Dance for Him” Conference and it made me very happy that I came. I learned so much while I was here. I can’t wait to teach my praise team what I learned. Julienne - Fort Lauderdale, FL



‘’Dancing for Him‘’ is the first conference I have ever been to. The experience was absolutely out of this world! Just being here doing the different motions helped me make a breakthrough by opening up not only physically but spiritually, allowing God to use me and touch others through dance. Just being able to touch somebody deeply without physically touching them is so moving. I would definitely come again if God is willing. Sandri-Fort Lauderdale, FL



Dancing for Him Ministries conferences are very informative for ministering in dance. I have registered for the online class and look forward to learning more. Hattie - Michigan



This was such a great conference!  I was very inspired to be all I can be as a praise dancer and worship dance leader. Pamela, The Villages, FL



What a wonderful conference.  I have been to quite a few and each one has such a different flavor.  This time as a student of the school, I had the opportunity to serve instead of just participate.  With that, you really have more hands on and really get to see the beautiful hearts of the worshipers, as well as share the gifts and talents the Lord has blessed us with.  Pastor Lynn poured out so much wisdom all throughout the conference while instructing us in each activation. This conference has not only refreshed me, but has inspired me with a greater desire to share even more purposefully with our dance ministry when I return home. Suzi, New Port Richey, Florida






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