Aloha, Family:

I was trying to fall asleep when my security alarm went off at midnight.  I jumped up to see what was happening, and now I am unable to fall back to sleep.  So I decided to sit in my living room and ponder the last two weeks and reflect as to what God has done with us at Transformation Conference 2017.

So many things are rushing my thoughts.  To begin with, I was personally seeking the heart of God for my own walk with Him.  I was determined and desperate to experience the very power of Pentecost that I had personally witnessed over the years of my ministry.  I asked God to visit us and lodge among us so that the peoples of the islands can be strengthened to become the vibrant voices and leaders assigned to them by the Providence of  God.  

From the week prior to TC17, I began to see positive signs of His visitations.  So many of the Hawaiian leaders were hungry after God too and there was a unity among the leadership of Hawaii for a great infusion of the Spirit of God.  We expected to experience God!

So you might ask me, "What exactly stood out?"  Wow, many things, so let me list a few.

Unity stood out.  We came together for one purpose:  TO EXPERIENCE GOD.  Every person who helped in the organization of these meetings were sold out to the prayer that we would pursue God for an experience that would be rare and exceptional.  We were united in purpose and all ministries put their "hands to the plow" to serve God with humility and passion.

Hunger stood out.  There was to be a demand on the prophetic word.  People came wanting to hear the Word of the Lord.  There was a hunger for truth and a passion for the preached Word.  Nothing endures like the unfailing Word of God.  The Bible was preached as it CAME ALIVE.  Not only was the Bible inspired by the Holy Spirit, the hearers of the Word, the people attending TC17, came hearing the Word.  And when they heard, they knew they were to "do the Word."

Prayer Front and Center stood out.  The people were wrapped around the heart of prayer.  Prayer was not a choore and a thing we did politely.  The people cried out to God.  They prayed and travailed.  Before the worship services, the prayer warriors met under THE TENT OF MEETING to seek God and to become vessels fit for the Master's use.  We were  not expecting the main speaker of the conference to lead in the altar ministry, the prayer warriors were determined to be used of God to reach the heavens and pray down the Power of Pentecost.  And during these altar ministries, lines of prayer partners and prayer warriors laid hands on the people and many were blessed and filled with the Holy Spirit.  There was also a time of laughter that came to the altar ministry, the true spirit of joy!

New and Vibrant Promotions stood out.  I saw God take our young people and put them in significant places of leadership for the conference.  The young people came forward to pray and seek God and they were actively involved in planning and supporting the vision of the TC17 event!  God spoke to me and reminded me of Joshua when it said, THE GOD OF MOSES IS ALSO THE GOD OF JOSHUA.  I am seeing God raise up our younger leaders to take their place of servanthood and I am left blessed as the founder and bishop of His Highest Praise International.

Expansion and Growth stood out.  It was awesome to meet our HHPI family from other parts.  We came together as FAMILY.  There was a strong spirit of aloha and love among us.  There are types of essential growths:  quantative and qualitative.  Not only did we meet friends of ours from other parts of the world, we found ourselves in a qualitative loving connection with one another.  I would often sit on the side and observe the altar ministry and saw how people were not just praying for one another, but they were hugging one another, weeping in the arms of one another, experiencing God and the love of the family.  That's expansion and growth.

Tomorrow, Saturday, most of our international delegates would have been gone.  And I am sitting in my living room at this early morning, about 2 a.m., thinking about the strong love and bond we feel for our global family.

His Highest Praise is hosting its TC19 in Auckland, New Zealand.  We can't wait, but we already know that should Jesus tarry, we will, by God's grace, have another great Transformation Conference 2019 in the Land of the Long White Cloud.  Start saving your money!

I want to thank all of you who gave financially to the TC17 budget.  To all of the churches, pastors, workers, and lay leaders who put together one of the best conferences we have ever had to date.   Thank you again and may God fill you with many exceptional blessings for your journey.

Pray for the following for 2018.

My trip to the Philippines.  I am wanting to re-start HHPI in the Philippines and meet the brothers and sisters of other Pentecostal denominations for fellowship.  Our mission:  HEALING WORD TO A HURTING WORLD.  CARRIERS OF THE PRESENCE OF GOD TO THE PEOPLES OF THE ISLANDS.

My trip back to New Zealand this November 2017.

My trip to Victorville for our Spring Conference in the month of April 2018.  


Yours for the Journey,


Adrian Yuen, Ph.D.


International Apostolic Facilitator







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