A Vision of Scrolls Of Judgment on the Thrones of Islam

Received by Rick Ridings, 24 October, 2017, in Jerusalem


In a vision during worship at Succat Hallel, I saw the Lord seated on a throne above the Temple Mount.  He motioned to a large angel to open a cupboard that had been locked.  The cupboard was painted in a very Middle Eastern style, indicating it had to do with the Lord’s purposes in the Middle East.

The angel handed a large scroll to the Lord, who then handed it back to the angel, and said, “Open  the seals”. 

On the scroll was written in large letters: ”Now begins the judgment on the thrones of Islam.”

The angel then turned scroll upright, and drove its two wooden rods into the ground of the Temple Mount.  The rods became two great pillars, that stood unshakable during increasing shakings.

The angel then took four smaller scrolls with the same message on them, and threw them like curved swords in four directions: to the North, towards Istanbul; to the East towards Iran; to the South, towards Mecca; and to the SouthWest, towards Cairo.

The swords cut the legs off demonic thrones behind Islam, which then began to totter, with pieces of the thrones breaking off (indicating a process) as the ground began to shake all over the Middle East.

The angel then threw scrolls of revelation which looked like curved swords in each of the four directions.  As the scrolls of revelation were unrolled, harvest fields of wheat sprang up underneath them. But the harvest was not being gathered in.  So the angel threw scrolls in each direction upon which it was written, “Thrust forth the laborers into the harvest!” Only then the harvest was gathered in and preserved.

The worship leader (who did not know what I had seen in the vision), began asking the Holy Spirit spirit to move on people all over world to not just declare the purposes of God in harvest, but to go.  His wife began to pray against the enemy’s efforts to bring blockages, distractions, and hindrances to keep the Laborers from going to the nations to gather in the harvest.

There was a strong sense of the urgency of the hour as we prayed into this vision.  It is time to pray for the "Lord of the Harvest to thrust forth the laborers into the Harvest".

Rick Ridings







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