Shared by Yolanda Ballard
I cover God's people with the power of the blood of Jesus that they will receive deeper revelation and discernment and awareness of the strategies of the enemy. I decree and declare that the enemy will not will not hinder and abort the fullness of His calling upon our lives as it is coming forth in Jesus name. Many have believed for this day where there would be greater works, miracles, signs and wonders as the Lord ushers in the end time harvest of souls.
The Lord is increasing our capacity of being filled with the fullness of His spirit. He is opening our eyes enabling us to see in the Spirit clearer. He is increasing our vision to see and hear. He is positioning us in His army where we should be. Transition is taking place and many don't understand what is happening. Don't try to make sense out of anything in the natural but just believe and receive. Be willing to step out into the deep by faith. Take Him by his hand and allow Him to lead you and guide you into deeper truth.
Yes, this is the day of preparation for the greatest move of the Spirit ever. When the enemy comes in like a flood, God promised to rise up a standard against him. It will be like a tsunami of glory that will spread across this nation. Some will be wiped away by it because they had been playing around dabbling in things they should not have been. Others will rise up upon it and move in great gifts of the Spirit. Yes, this is the time and the hour God is pouring out His power. Be still and know that He is faithful. He started a good work and is faithful to complete it.




    Yolanda Ballard












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