Aloha, Family:

As some of you know, I am an oberver.  In the area of the spiritual, I pray to God to understand what He does, how He does things, and why He does things in the way that He does them.  In that process, I am aware that in me as well as in you, that the Mind of Christ is being cultivated.  I Corinthians 2 says that we have the Mind of Christ, but throughout the Pauline letters, Paul speaks of the battle between the spiritual mind and the mind of our flesh, our own thoughts and understanding.  Many of us who are inclined to our own opinions and understanding and may have more difficulty to just yield to the Mind of Christ as believers so we experience God in such a profound way to helpd to get our will in check.

Over the years, I have observed my own walk with God.  Observation alone is not sufficient as I have had to read, study, love, apply, and live out the teachings of the Bible as the Word of God and the word of authority to remove all other thoughts and opinions that are pre-existing in me or that tend to surface to complicate or resist, even sutbly, yielding to the thoughts and perspectives of God.  And initially, the journey required me to willfully submit to the higher thoughts of God not to co-exist with my own thoughts, but to remove and replace my thoughts and understanding for a higher consciousness of God's Word and Will for my life and journey.

It has been an awesome journey for me, one marked by unbelievable warfare and sometimes deep sadness, but always producing in my fragile self the more perfect fruit of the Spirit within my own vulnerability.  The less of me, the more of Him.  And then, there is a transformation that comes about, when the mind realizes that it has to make a conversion as well.  It is one thing to surrender because He said so, it is another thing to become the change and joyfully and willfully surrender.  In fact, when joyfully is the adverb, something begins to change over a period of time, progressively and processively.  And that is the emerging Mind of Jesus that takes over your heart, mind, will, perspectives, and perceptions.  Now, you see things not just through the eyes of Jesus, but His mindset becomes a  part of you. The Word alive in you: living, guiding, and driving your journey.  That Mind of Christ is in you potentially but now it is actively guiding your whole thinking process.

Revelation 17 is about Mystery Babylon.  Mystery Babylon is Revelation 17 and 18 are really "institutions, systems, organizations, collections of organizations and entities" coming to together TO COLLUDE to control the world and interface with the endtimes.  Mystery Babylon is in two major domains:  politics and religion.  Political Babylon will be a force leading to the assertive rise of the Antichrist or the Man of Sin who will control the new world order for a limited time.  Religious Babylon will be a religious force that will allure the world through religion, controlled by a global leader, the False Prophet.  

When Babylon comes into being, and it is forming now, Revelation 17:9 says, THIS CALLS FOR A MIND WITH WISDOM.  That means, if you do not have the Mind of Christ, even in the current preliminary stages, you will be allured by the Satanic Trinity:  Satan, Antichrist, and False Prophet.  Satan is now at work to counteract the work of God on earth.  The Antichrist will counteract the work of Christ and replace and oppose what Christ is doing on the earth.  The False Prophet will attack the work of the Holy Spirit both aggressively and subtly to bring us away from our yielding to the Spirit of the Living God. The Satanic Trinity will be in full force in the endtimes to allure us.  We see it today right now in their early stages and phases.

But, who will resist the subtle and clever infusion of these spirits coming in unawares into our homes, schools, government, media, education, entertainment, worldly systems are no longer under the rise of the enemy but these systems are being POSSESSED by the enemies of God and will dominate the world, gently at first and then aggressively so that everyone will be required to take the Mark of the Beast or be martyred in the endtimes.

Jesus is coming soon.  Not for a lukewarm undiscerning church, but for the Bride of Jesus without spot or wrinkle.  So what you are going through is Jesus preparing His Bride for Himself, the Father preparing the Bride for His Son, Jesus.  The Holy Spirit is filling you up with His anointing and power to draw you into the Presence of  God so you learn how to worship God in Spirit and in Truth.

In order for you to be ready for the rapture which the book of Thessalonians describes as a catching away of ready believers from the earth in the twinkling of an eye, we must have the Mind of Christ.

The Bible is clear:  our thoughts are not His thoughts.  Our ways are not His ways.  Our perspectives are not His perspectives.  So we need to be filled with the Word of God.  READ THE BIBLE PROFUSELY. And when you read, the Word will replace your thoughts, your understanding, your opinions.  That exchange is necessary and sometimes warfare and battles may be used by God to teach you to understand why His way is the best way, why His perspective is the only perspective.  My journey of unbelievable warfare has taught me a valuable lesson that God's way is not only the BEST WAY but THE ONLY WAY.  You come to two conclusions:  BEST AND ONLY.  You can think something is the best among the better, but that is not enough.  His way is the best way because it is the ONLY WAY.  And now you need the full measure of the Mind of Christ, the Mind with Wisdom, in Revelation 17:9 to understand the unveiling of the end of days.

So how that this apply to going and coming to church on a Sunday?

For me, it starts with EXPECTING.  Something happens to my mind when I start to expect to experience a God-infusion!   When I come expecting to meet God in Spirit and in Truth.  I come to hear God in the prophetic preaching of the Word of God.  I come eager to hear the Word of God!  I also come to see the demonstrations of the Holy Spirit.  John 4:24, WORSHIP HIM IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH.  I come to experience the Word alive and the Spirit at work.  And before I enter into the House of the Lord, I am already expecting!

What happens when I begin to expect?  Something happens inside of my mind.  I begin to "make room" for that experience.  I begin to open up my will and mind to assert faith to believe and to receive what God has in store for me.  It's not a religion.  It's a relationship date with God, A TENT OF MEETING as is described in the Old Testament.

Recently, we had a powerful Transformation Conference.  Why was there so much power and anointing?  BECAUSE WE CAME EXPECTING TO SEE GOD AT WORK.  We were hungry to meet God and to experience His Word and Spirit.  And our expectation vested in faith began to clear all mindblocks and reset our focus to see the undeniable visibility of the power of God!  And God truly showed up!

So before you go to church tomorrow or whenever you attend worship service, come expecting God to "meet you" so you can have personal time right within that corporate worship.  When you come hungry, you leave full.  Expect to experience the undeniable side of God's power and presence!

Love you all, see you in the House of the Lord!

Yours for the Journey,


Adrian Yuen, Ph.D.

unedited, copyright November 4, 2017



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