Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD has risen upon you (Isaiah 60:1, NASB).


OH BLESSED LORD GOD, ABBA ADONAI, THE SOVEREIGN CREATOR AND KING OF THE UNIVERSE, FATHER GOD, EL SHADDAI, EL ELYON, ELOHIM, EL OLAM, JEHOVAH-JIREH, JEHOVAH-NISSI, THE ANCIENT OF DAYS, THE HOLY ONE OF ISRAEL in the holy name of JESUS CHRIST of Nazareth, through HIS divine anointing, atonement, creative and resurrection powers, we pray for YOUR Sovereign Power, Rule and Reign for the State of Utah. We humbly repent for the sins and iniquities of our nation. We ask for an abundance of YOUR Mercy, Wisdom, Knowledge, Spiritual and Earthly Prosperity, Light, Forgiveness, Truth, Favor, Discernment, Goodness, Tenderness, Compassion, Love, Hope, Holiness, Purity, Justice, Righteousness and Grace to the leadership and people of Utah. We decree and declare that America is “ONE NATION UNDER GOD!”  FATHER, we call forth a heart of unity, genuine kindness, true repentance, relentless forgiveness, and intentional reconciliation among the people of Utah. FATHER GOD, in the name of YESHUA, OUR MESSIAH, we pray the Commanded Blessing of the LORD to be poured out abundantly in the land and people of Utah and that the resurrection power of YESHUA, OUR RISEN LORD be perpetually released throughout the state bringing forth YOUR GLORY! YOUR KINGDOM! YOUR LIGHT! and EVERLASTING LIFE! FATHER, we ask that, YOUR Kingdom come and YOUR will be done in Utah and that YOU graciously release YOUR Freedom, Liberty, and Glory through the land. We command every portal in the heavens and earth to be sealed by the holy atonement, divine anointing, resurrection power and name of JESUS CHRIST, our REDEEMER according to YOUR times, plans and purposes. We decree and declare that the government of JESUS CHRIST is established in the State of Utah. ABBA ADONAI, we pray that every individual in leadership in Utah will submit to the authority and power of YOUR Righteous Rule and that any false, counterfeit or leadership in a fallen state will be exposed and overruled. FATHER GOD, we ask that JESUS CHRIST be the corner stone in the foundation of Utah and the keystone in every doorway, opening, portal, entrance, gateway and apex. We pray for a greater impartation of angelic intervention and protection for all that belongs to YOU in heaven and earth (Psalm 91). We pray that YOU will unbridle the bondages of YOUR people and set them free to run for YOUR pleasure, purpose, plan and destiny. We pray that Utah will be an idol-free worship zone for YOUR Eternal Glory! We ask that every place of worship be one where the One True GOD is worshipped in spirit, liberty, freedom, and truth (John 4:24). We speak to the rivers of Utah and command them to stay in their borders and to flow freely and purely without interruption. We pray for supernatural healing in all realms as YOU release YOUR greater love for the people of Utah and for the Holy Spirit to awaken the slumbering church, the sleeping saints/believers provoking them to active functional participation in the Advancement of YOUR Kingdom on earth. We speak to the foundations of the earth and command peace, stability, alignment, balance, order and the absence of harmful quaking. We pray for the borders of Utah to be divinely protected from every unholy and unrighteous movement or act and that evil would be eradicated from the land, the academic, government, media, entertainment, financial, banking, military, business, transportation and religious systems. We decree and declare that JESUS CHRIST of Nazareth is the One True Shepherd over Utah. We release a spirit of holy divine reverence and fear of the MOST HIGH GOD throughout the State of Utah! LORD GOD, we pray for the holy atonement, divine anointing, sacred name and resurrection power of YESHUA, MESSIAH OUR RISEN KING over the State of Utah for YOUR eternal GLORY! May the LION of JUDAH roar over Utah and the sound of the Shofars resonate divine purity over the land! Amen!

American Military Focus

We intentionally pray for the five branches of the American Military for the restoration of core values, faith, integrity, nobility, honor, sustainment, ethical foundation and leadership that models and teaches the true meaning of serving one’s country. We bless those that have served faithfully over the last 200 plus years for the Glory of GOD. Amen!

Holy Scripture

And I saw the seven angels who stand before God, and seven trumpets were given to them. Another angel came and stood at the altar, holding a golden censer; and much incense was given to him so that he might add it to the prayers of all the saints on the golden altar which was before the throne. And the smoke of the incense, with the prayers of the saints, went up before God out of the angel’s hand (Revelation 8:2-4, NASB).


GLORY RING - MAY 2002 ~ For the State of Utah ~ HIS PURITY AND RIGHTEOUSNESS REDEEMED! Given to: Jeannie Hammitt, Sandy, UT, USA. Given to: Jerry and Yvonne Tseneginy, Monument, Valley, UT, USA ~ August 2006. Scriptures: Psalm 21; Isaiah 35; John 1; Romans 2, 3; Ephesians 6; 3 John 2-4; Revelation 22. Handmade by Betty Leach and Jennifer Lynn Joy

WORSHIP HAMMER - OCTOBER 2010 ~ For the State of Utah ~ Given to: Jeannie Hammitt, Sandy, UT, USA. Scriptures: The LORD Contends: Jeremiah 23:29; Isaiah 49; Jude 3; Jeremiah 50; Judges 4, 5. HE Establishes: Genesis; 1 Chronicles 16:29-33; 2 Chronicles 1:9-12; Psalms 40:1-3, 89:3-4, 78:5-7, 90:17, 93:1-2, 119:38; Proverbs 4:26-27; Jeremiah 10:12-13; Amos 5:14-15; 2 Thessalonians 3:3; James 5:7-12; 1 Peter 5:5-11; 2 Corinthians 1:22-23; Colossians 1:6-10, and Revelation. Handmade by Carolyn Rae and Jennifer Joy

SWORD OF THE LORDMAY 2011 ~ For the State of Utah ~ Given to: Jeannie Hammitt, Sandy, UT, USA. Given to: Adam O’Bryan, Vancouver, WA, USA ~ April 2015. Scriptures: Genesis 1 and 2; Leviticus 26:78; Judges 3:21, 4:14, 7:20; 1 Kings 18:37-46; Isaiah 27:1, 49:2; Psalms 33:10-11, 45:3, 149:6-9, 149, and 150; Hebrews 4:12; Ephesians 6:17; Revelation 1:16, 21, 22. Handmade by Jennifer Lynn Joy

SCEPTER OF THE LORD – APRIL 2015 – For the Four Corners: Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona ~ “THE HOLINESS OF ELOHIM!” Given to: Randy Schanck, Woodland, WA, USA. Scriptures: Genesis 1; Genesis 49:10; Leviticus 23:40; Numbers 21:16-20 and Chapters 17 & 24; Esther; Isaiah 14; Isaiah 43:18-19, 51:15, 62:1; Ezekiel 40; Nehemiah 8:15; Psalms 5:12, 35:7, 60:7, 72:7, 85:10; Psalms 45, 108, 110, 125 and 133; Proverbs 14:9; Matthew 6:21; Mark 16:1-2; John 12:13; John 14, 15, 16, 17, and 19; Romans 14:7; Hebrews 1, 5, 6, 7, 9, and 11; James 3:18; Revelation 7:9; Revelations 5, 11, 21 and 22. Handmade by Jennifer Lynn Joy

WORSHIP STREAMERS ~ DECEMBER 2016 ~ For the State for the State of Colorado ~ “HIS VICTORIOUS GLORY!” Given to: NEED INTERCESSOR! Scriptures: Genesis 1; Genesis 45:7; Isaiah 22:22, 43:18-19, 51:15, 62:1; Exodus 24, 33, 40; Numbers 14:21; Ezekiel 40; Nehemiah 8:15; Psalms 5:12, 35:7, 72:7-8, 85:10-13; Psalms 45, 108, 133, 145, 146, 147, 148, 149, and 150; Matthew 6:21; John 2:11, 8:50; John 14, 15, 16, 17, and 19; Hebrews 1, 5, 6, 7, 9, and 11; Revelation 1:18-19, 7:9; Revelation 5, 11, 21 and 22. Handmade by Jennifer Lynn Joy and Constance Thew

© Jennifer Lynn Joy

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