Prayer Targets:  Please join us in prayer this week!

  1. His Highest Praise
  1. Seven day facility purchase for HHP Honolulu.  Paid in full. For church, conference, denomination, Redemption Academy, Redemption Bible College, Life Coach and Counseling Center, Administrative Offices.
  2. All HHP Churches globally:  Hawaii, Nevada, Philippine, Australia, Thailand, New Zealand, etc.
  3. New outreaches:  Samoa, Australia, Florida, Alaska, etc.
  4. Complete the Church Manual and to get team to do so.
  5. Revitalization of HHP Honolulu
  6. Increase in church growth and influence.
  7. Church app
  8. Social media presence and website:
  9. All of our churches to grow, revival, leaders, etc.
  1. Redemption Academy and Redemption Bible College
  1. Revitalization of Academy.  To find a place and re-establish.  Mission faithfulness.
  2. Revitalization of Bible College.  To find a place and re-establish.
  1. Counseling Center
  2. Kauluwela Vision
  1. An outreach of the area.
  2. School facility usage.
  1. Healing of all the sick.
  2. Provision for finances for the people and churches.
  3. Calendar of Events January 28, 2018
  4. Vision of the Church
  5. A Year of Revival and Power!  The Book of Acts ALIVE!
  6. Reaching those who are absent.  Reaching new souls.  Follow-up!
  7. Those in relationship challenges.
  8. For an outpouring of the Holy Spirit over the earth in the backdrop of the endtimes!

Thank you, everyone!  Happy New Year!

Adrian Yuen, IAS



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