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Oh, My children, I long to hear you cry unto Me and completely yield to Me in every area of your lives. For many are still holding back from Me areas in their hearts where they have not completely surrendered to Me. Don’t you know that the little foxes spoil the vine? My little ones, the areas you feel are of least importance are those that make a world of difference in your commitment to Me.

Open up your heart and let Me speak to you about these things. Don’t turn away from Me but yield for I will give you the grace that you need to be able to overcome in the onslaughts of the enemy. My children, lean on Me for I am the author and finisher of your faith. You cannot make it on your own….so why even try.

Cry out to Me and I will fill you with My glory and grace. I will supply your every need. So don’t fret at your apparent circumstances for they are there for your good for I said in My word that all things work together for your good for you are My chosen vessels of glory and honor.

So lean unto Me. Do not lean unto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Me and I will direct your paths. Walk in My wisdom and not the ways of the world….the wisdom of man. Break away from your old habits of lifestyle. This is a new day….a new beginning for you….a day to have a new outlook on life….a day to say that all things are passed away, behold all things are made new.

I want to completely renew your mind with My word if you will allow Me to come and uproot the old….those seeds that have been planted through the worldly ways, the traditions of man, and of science. My ways are not your ways or My thoughts your thoughts for My ways of doing things are so much higher than yours. So be willing to be open to all I have for you in the area of grace and truth.

Do not be afraid for I will give you the perfect balance. I am your Shepherd, and I will lead you in the way that was ordained for you to walk….by the streams of My living water I will lead you that you may rest in green pastures. I will give you the oil and the wine that you may be whole. I will feed you as hand-fed calves in the stall.

I love you, My children, but I have a better way for you but you have not been listening. Before you ask you have your own preconceived ideas of what I will say to you, and this blocks you from receiving all the light I have for you. Do not be afraid to be the only one walking in a way far different than the rest. I am your Master, your Captain, you are to follow Me and not man. No matter what man may say, walk in My paths that I have for you….for you are unique, and I have a unique plan for your life that no other can fill.

So yield unto Me and be ready to receive new revelation….a deeper revelation of the Word you already know but now you are ready to go deeper with Me. This is a time of separation completely from the ways of the world to be able to walk in the fullness of My glory, says your God.





    Yolanda Ballard













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