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1. Spirit Awakening NOW! – By Ronald D McGatlin
2. A Present Purpose! A Future Hope! – Nancy Taylor Warner
3. News Headlines



1. Spirit Awakening NOW!By Ronald D McGatlin

Jesus has prepared a place for us, a place with all that He has planned for those who love Him.

The hidden treasures of all the promises of God are revealed to those who truly are in love with Him.

Blessed beyond measure is the person who is head over heels in love with Jesus, Yeshua, Messiah, in a real and practical way in this life now. (I Cor 2:7-12).

God is speaking today to all who have ears to hear. He is saying that the treasure of the glory of the King can be found now by all who seek for it with their whole hearts. The fullness of the kingdom of God is at hand NOW! It is at the door. The door that opens from the inside. Many people are discovering the key and opening the door to the fullness of the glorious kingdom of God.

At the same time many are discovering the now reality of the kingdom of God, multitudes are unable to see through the smoke screen and dense fog. They are blinded from even seeing the reality of the fullness of kingdom life available to all who will possess it.

God is now revealing again the mystery of His kingdom life in the hearts of His people.

Stop! Be still in your spirit, soul, and body. God is now showing us the key, the secret mystery of FALLING IN LOVE WITH JESUS.

Why STOP, pause, and be still? (Isaiah 55)

Many if not most hearts are filled and covered with a smoke screen that hides the reality of the fullness of the kingdom life. The smoke screen of deceptive and twisted words hides the real truth of the kingdom life that can now be found by falling in love with God in Jesus. (2 Cor 4:3-4).

Our hearts partake of news reports, entertainment, education, and many other inputs that are void of the love of God and the reality of His kingdom potential. Through TV and every form of media and training, our minds and hearts are fed information that is empty of God and filled with fodder and ungodly words (seeds) of sensual animalistic and humanistic guidance. The lying words provide false confirmations of false glory in the pride of a godless life. (Phil 4:4-9).

All this has become the natural and normal mind occupation of masses of people. We now call this secularism and think of it as spiritually neutral when in reality it is not neutral but demonic from the kingdom of darkness.

Sadly when the masses seek after light, many if not most often find religious forms that are also filled with a smoke screen that may seem lighter than the black clouds of what is called “secularism.” However, these religious mixtures are even more devious.

While offering a beginning of life in Jesus, they thoroughly hide the reality of Spirit reality of the kingdom fullness that is now available to those who love God with their whole hearts.

The false training of giving a portion of our time and resources to the religious systems is substituted for giving our whole heart and life to God. Doing our so called Christian duty of showing up on Sunday, sitting in a pew, and giving our tithe becomes like a vaccination that makes the people think they have the real thing. This causes them to stop seeking for the real kingdom of God and to not recognize and receive it when the true kingdom is presented to them. Religious spirits are among the most powerful demonic forces.



Hard Knocks and Crashes

The busy lifestyle driven by seeds planted from the tree of knowledge of good and evil drive the masses into pursuits of “the good life” of more – more having and more doing. Need develops in the people for depth of life reality. Seeking to fill that need leads to a desire (lust) for more entertainment, games, and striving for fulfillment that is never satisfied. There is always a drive for the more that is on the next horizon of life, the next extreme of life accomplishment. This is all toward building our own kingdoms apart from the kingdom of God. It becomes an addiction that leads to death and not to life.

God loves ALL of His people and is longsuffering. However, He is not willing to stand by and watch them madly rush toward darkness and away from His kingdom of glorious light. (2Peter 3:9).

For this reason the devil is allowed to bring great crashes and hard knocks that can stop us with devastating trauma and tragedy. On the devils part these are to kill and destroy us. On God’s part they are allowed to STOP us and give us another opportunity to turn to seek God and His kingdom with the whole of our broken hearts and lives.

The judgments of God in this life are both tragedy and blessing. Judging includes rewards that to our natural minds seem good or bad. Yet they all work toward the turning and cleansing of our lives and this world. The tribulations of this life flow from the same love of God for the good of mankind and the kingdom of God on earth. (Please note that this is NOT to teach us something. On God’s part it is to stop us, and on the devils part it is to kill or destroy us.)

Pain and sorrow are not good and are not God’s plan. They are the result of mankind not being in love with God and thereby not seeking and finding His kingdom life now and forever.

Glory and Blessings

Everything God has ever done or ever will do is love. GOD IS LOVE. He cannot and will not do anything that is outside of love.

It is God’s heart and plan to show forth His love in glory and blessing in all of His creation on Planet Earth including all of mankind.

Now in this day, as many are coming into a pure and holy, all-consuming love relationship with God, the stage is set for the entire world to feel the impact of the Sons of God pouring out the power of the love of God to cleanse and renew the world to the reality of the New Jerusalem, Garden of Eden, Kingdom of God life on earth as it is in heaven.

All that is on earth that is not of God, that which God has not built, is being dissolved as God creates beauty from the ashes of the fallen world. The fullness of the kingdom is beginning to manifest across the entire world.

God is now dissolving that which He has not planted in the hearts of His people and creating beauty from the ashes of our past lives. The glory and blessings of the fullness of the kingdom of God is beginning to be manifested in the sons and daughters of God. All that shall be on earth is already seeded in the hearts of God’s people of the Spirit. The seed of Christ and His kingdom is fully alive on earth in His people and is already beginning to flow out to transform this world to the kingdom of our God.

Thank you, Jesus. We praise You, almighty God, our heavenly Father and Father of ALL, for full redemption and restoration of your kingdom in our hearts and lives now. Your glory is beyond description. Your presence sweeter than honey and Your joy everlasting and full of glory. Our hearts and lives praise You with every breath and heartbeat of this life and for evermore. Thank You Father.

Ronald D McGatlin

2. A Present Purpose! A Future Hope! – Nancy Taylor Warner

 A Present Purpose! A Future Hope!  Nancy Taylor Warner


A Present Purpose! A Future Hope!

 The understanding of both are essential if we are going to enter into the fullness of God’s purpose for our lives both today and tomorrow.
I personally make many decisions in the light of eternity, aware that today is the day I have to mature and grow. Today is the day I have to make myself ready, to array myself in fine linen, clean and white. This fine linen we are counseled to buy or to array ourselves in is the “righteousness” or the “righteous acts,” the “right choices” we make in our lives. (Revelation 3:18; 19:8) Yet today is not just for tomorrow. There is also a present impact we are to make on the earth, along with our own maturing and being made ready.
More important than what our calling is, is that we recognize what God has called us to and are faithful in it. There is a present purpose for each of our lives. It’s important that we recognize that purpose and measure our activities accordingly, prioritizing so that which is most important always has time for expression.
These are truths I have spoken on much through the years and could expound on. But they are also the measuring rod by which I have made some decisions today.
After my dad’s homecoming, I had drawn a circle around Washington DC, understanding the intercessory burden that was part of our calling; also because of words I personally had received in earlier years. I began to drive into this area monthly to pray, and later we were able to get the property where we presently are.
This last year, I have spent much time prayerfully seeking the heart of God. It was as if the Lord walked me through my entire spiritual experience, bringing me into position for that which is yet ahead. In October, I remember telling our prayer group I felt released from being in a specific geographic location, to focus on our original calling – a message and a people.
About two weeks later someone came to meet me and also pray; they spoke of a burst of suddenlies that was about to happen. A few days later I came into contact with David’s Tent DC. I knew of them and appreciated their ministry, but the Lord brought me face to face. I had been praying about our location; they were looking for another place in the DC area. I felt perhaps this was the time to make our place available, so I did; they were delighted.
Much followed in the next couple of months, but in short, the Prayer Chapel was transferred to David’s Tent DC today, February 23, 2018. Their ministry reimbursed ours for the actual cost of the property and improvements we’ve made to the buildings and the land. We have found a spiritual connecting between their ministry and ours as well. I am delighted they want my dad’s pictures to stay on the walls and that I will have some time here with them before relocating.
In the multiplication of what God is doing, we are now watching for a place to house our vision, one that will better serve the season we are in today.  The focus of Parousia Ministries is “an overcoming people,” strengthening and encouraging those within the body of Christ who have a heart to follow on to know the Lord. (Hosea 6:3) We often speak of the preparation of a people for the end time purpose of the Lord.
When we have get-togethers, people come from many directions. Even in a small gathering there may be five states represented; we have had as many as twelve states. What joins us together in fellowship, worship and the word is a heart hunger for more of the Lord; a joy in spending time together in His presence; and a sense of not only being refreshed, but God using us during our times together.
We are believing for a place that will better meet our needs in this season of our ministry.  May the Lord bring us to the right place at the right time. A place to be marked by His presence, where we can house the ministry and where people who relate to the teachings on our website can visit.
As we make this transition releasing the Prayer Chapel to David’s Tent DC, I am encouraged by the transformation, both spiritually and in the natural, that we have witnessed during our time here, a transformation beyond anything I have ever experienced in any of the places I have served. What was an overgrown piece of land became not only well groomed and pleasant to look at, but the very atmosphere has changed. There is a peace here now, the presence of the Lord. It is on this platform of faith that we move forward in expectation as the Lord establishes yet another place marked by His presence.
My desire is to stay under the cloud of God’s leading, to hear well done at the end of my life, to be found faithful in the things God has called me to. I appreciate very much your prayers and support during this time of transition.
Our next Parousia Gathering will be at Whole Word Fellowship in Oakton, Virginia, on Saturday, August 11, 2018 at 10:30 a.m. A special note: That evening, and also Sunday morning, Paul Keith Davis will be ministering at Whole Word Fellowship. I encourage you to pray about coming for the whole weekend if you can! A group rate is available at the Hilton Garden Inn by calling their number: (703) 385-7774; the Group Code for a discount is PGA; the discount is for advance reservations only. There are limited rooms at the discounted rate; I encourage you to reserve early if you plan to come. More information is also available on our website,, under Events.
You may have noticed a new look on our website this last year! This makes posting so much easier. New features include mobile phone friendly, search, and being easier to navigate and read. My brother, Bill Taylor, spent hours setting up the new site. I want to thank him, and pray it will be an increased blessing to you.
If you are not on our email list, I encourage you to join! Most updates are now communicated through emails. To join, go to Toward the bottom of the home page, you will find a place to Join or Update your email address.
Wade Taylor Publications: is a separate part of my dad’s ministry that was close to his heart. On this website, you can buy Books, CDs and DVDs by Wade Taylor. Also a prayer ministry, they can be contacted by calling 800-349-0340, or by emailing Contact information is also on their website!
You may have noticed I have not changed the words of the blessing I speak each time I write. This is a blessing first spoken by my dad. The Lord has impressed on my heart not only to speak blessing, but to continue to speak blessings using these same words:
May you increasingly prosper, both spiritually and in your life circumstances, beyond all that you have experienced in the past, and also, may you be blessed in life, in health, and in all that is before you.
Prayerfully yours,


3.  News Headlines

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Former lesbian says it’s not ‘gay to straight; it’s lost to saved’ Feb 25, 2018
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South Carolina Bill to Amend Constitution: “Gay Marriage” Would be Called a “Parody” of Natural Marriage Feb 28, 2018
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