Today I found myself becoming very busy even as I was reading the bible and studying God's Word. Suddenly I felt the Spirit of God interrupting me. It seemed He was leading me to stop, and leading me to a "time out" with Him. I went to the piano and began to slowly sing a worship song. As I began to sing, I began to feel a deep satisfaction because I knew I was not just singing, I was worshipping. His Presence began to come in a strong way into my small space. I began to realize what God was wanting from me and it was not just study. I began to realize that He wants us to do more that simply study about Him or even think about Him, he wants us to SEEK Him in reverence and worship! Now I know this in my head but sometimes I just get carried away and it might even be with doing something I consider I'm doing FOR Him!

We all know what it means to “bow down.” It is an act of humility and deference. When we bow to God and the Name of Jesus it is an overt visual act of reverence and worship. It is the lowering of the head and a stooping low which signifies God’s exalted position above us and a physical act which signifies His Greatness before us  and our lowliness before Him.

Ps. 95:6 says “O Come let us worship and bow down; let us kneel before the Lord our Maker.

That same psalm warns against the hardening of the heart of man. The Psalmist is reminding us in these verses of who we are and who God is and that we are the sheep of His pasture and He is our God. Evidently the Psalmists believed we needed to be reminded of this fact; that “bowing down” was something we needed to do and be mindful of so we were not tempted to “go astray.”

Today I wonder if we are all heeding that instruction. I wonder sometimes if we are all taking the time out of our days and nights to “bow down” before Him and show Him reverence and worship in the way He deserves.

We need to guard against taking God for granted; treating Him with human familiarity and hurriedly giving him a couple minutes of our day in order  to request what we would like for Him to do for us. We need to become intentional and take a planned “time out” to worship God  in spirit and in truth, something Jesus said His Father was seeking as He looked down from heaven. (John 4) He is looking for that one soul who somehow took the time out of his busy day, drew away to a secret place, and bowed down before Him in spirit and in truth. Will he find it in us? I hope so.

Sondra Stallman

Sounds of Heaven Ministries




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