Spring Forward



March is here, and spring is close at hand.  I am so ready for a new season.




Think of it, spring the time for rebirth—the earth sheds itself of death (winter)—and the world is replenished once again. 


It is interesting that in the season of new life we celebrate the death, and resurrection of Jesus.  I say celebrate because even though He died, He rose again, just like every blossom, plant, and leaf for another new season. Rejoice newness of life has come.


In winter the world looks hopeless, and then suddenly a tiny little crocus inches its way through the cold damp earth and ta-da we are in the cycle of life again.  It won’t be long until everything—every tree, every bush every plant is alive again with a promise.


The critters begin to stir, the earth begins to warm the people become more active.  It is like a super natural vitamin has been taken by every living thing, and hope, health and happiness has returned.


Every season has purpose and reminds us that whatever season we are in He is in control, and brings light out of darkness, and life out of death. And that is just the way God planned it.


Ecclesiastes 3:1  To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:



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