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 March 2018 






Our CMTA Conference is coming up, April 6-7, 2018!

Come and hear Our Director Richard Krejcir, giving a workshop on Church Marketing,” from over 30 years of research and experience! And hear over 100 other ministry leaders at the CMTA Conference in Pasadena, CA, it is coming up fast!

Come and bring all of your church or ministry staff and volunteers for very effective training, information, and networking... If you want to go we can get you in for $45, just use "intothyword" in the promo! 

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Pasadena Convention Center, Pasadena, CA. We average 1,000 church leaders from the greater Los Angeles region and pastors come from as far away as India.

We are now in our 66th year. For decades, the primer one-stop Christian leaders training platform-convention and now we are seeking to make it even better for 2018.

The mission of CMTA is to equip, train, encourage and inspire professional and volunteer workers in the body of Christ for Christian Education Ministry.

Our Scope: includes everyone, Interdenominational, our Annual Convention with over 100 quality and relevant workshops and tons of resources. Training to work with all age groups! We do what others can’t – Train all your ministries in ONE convention!

The programs of CMTA are geared toward Christian ministries of the local church through Sunday School teachers, Sunday School Superintendents, Christian Education Directors, Pastors, and other Christian workers. 

If you want to go we can get you in for $45, just use "intothyword" in the promo!


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Pastor's Survey Results! 

What is going on with today's servants of the Church?

New results from a two-year major research study on pastors!

Statistics on Pastors: 2016 Update

Research on the Happenings in Pastors' Personal and Church Lives.

PDF Report with graphs and insights:



“But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect,” 1 Peter 3:15  



Our research has pointed to the biggest problems in our churches today. They stem from a lack of desire to please Christ, a lack of love for one another, from a lack of spiritual growth, and a lack of prayer. Take care of these, and you will be an incredibly faithful and abundant church and a content pastor.

Into Thy Word's Bible Studies

These curriculums have been carefully exegetically prepared with a careful steadfast inductive analysis and word studies of God's most precious Word. We do not add anything to God's Word that is not already there, nor do we take away insights and ideas that are there.

 Reformed in distinction and Evangelical in nature and conservative for the purpose to glorify our Lord!




Latest Bible Articles

NEW! Leadership Themes from the Gospels


"… That joy is mine, and it is now complete. He must become greater; I must become less." John 3:29-30

We may need to rediscover what Christ calls us to when we lead and manage His Church. 

What are some of the overarching themes that pertain to leadership from the Gospels and the major concepts that God has given us?  What are we to know, learn, and do?


This is what our research has gleaned from the church that is happing now:

  • We have a lack of Biblical imperative.  We may say we are committed to God's Word; however, our spiritual formation, loose doctrine, and behaviors show us a to be in breach (2 Tim. 3:16).
  • We have an empty faith and seem so concerned with what feels good and not what we need by God's Word (1 Pet. 2:2)!
  • We have a too low view of God's Sovereignty, we belittle to Him as a mere friend and forget His Holiness and our need for repentance (Rom. 11:22-36).
  • We have too much pride and selfish motives and not enough of Christ impacting our hearts and minds (John 3:30)!
  • We do not have our people discipled, so they are ignorant of Biblical precepts (Hosea 4:6)! 
  • We do not trust in the power and purpose of Christ and His Truth; instead, we cater to personalities, political correctness, and trends (1 Tim. 4:6)!
  • We spend too much...


Too many of our churches are failing, because ...>







Church Growth Tip

The best growing churches in the world have solid biblical preaching at their core. These churches do not water down the Gospel so much that one cannot see the lifted cross! They do not overemphasize the seeker and ignore discipleship! (Jeremiah 33:6; Romans 7:12; Galatians 3) 

More on how you can Grow your Church..>




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We have an entirely new website for our ministry partner; months of undertaking from many dedicated people. And we are still working on it. Over one thousand Biblical, practical and well-researched articles and curriculums, all for you to use to build a better church for our Lord's glory!







Into thy Word   |   129 South Lotus Avenue   |   Pasadena, CA 91107   |    info@intothyword.or




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