A Call To Arms

“God never calls a person (into His service) without equipping him. I know that from experience.”        Billy Graham

We are in a battle, whether we like it or not we are called to defend and protect our walk with the Lord. It is time for us to rearm ourselves and get back in the fray. It is time to stand up for what is right in a world that glories in exalting what is wrong. 

Or expectation may be to have a stress-free life full of all blessings, no sickness, and no struggles, but that is not the way or Christian walk advances.  Our strength grows in adversity, our faith increases with each trial and test, and our love for God expands as we trust Him more and more.

A few years ago, I went through cancer treatment.  It was a time of great fear and anxiety, I believed God could snap His fingers and the cancer would be gone, I was sure God would get me through, but I had to walk it out day by day.  I had to go through the tests and surgery and treatment.  I wanted the easy way, frankly, I wanted a miracle. 

I arrived at the hospital for the biopsy and sensed as I walked down the corridors spirits of sickness, death, and infirmity.  I wanted to run and hide like a scared child, but I had to face what was to come.  The results were positive I had cancer and I had to get my faith together and get through this time.  I survived, Hallelujah!

 One year almost to the day I had my first post cancer mammogram they found spots in the same exact place they removed the cancer.  I was devastated, I could not believe that I was going to have to go through all of that again.  It is worse I think when you know what is coming.  The morning of the scheduled biopsy my husband and I prayed right before we were about to leave for the hospital.  He prayed for me, and suddenly something rose up inside of me, a kind of Holy anger.  I rebuked the devil, I was livid—cancer, you will not prevail in my body.  I went out the door changed, I was no longer that scared child, I was a seasoned veteran in God’s army.  As I walked down the same corridors I saw those spirits of death, sickness and infirmity knock each other down as they tried to get away from me.  They knew that Jesus Christ was with me and they did not stand a chance in His presence.  This time the diagnosis was different, it was benign, I was free.

It is two years later and I am still free.  Free from the fear and anxiety, free in knowing that Christ is in me and gives me the strength to move mountains, believe in miracles, and receive help in my time of need.  God is faithful. 

We are not called to the playground, we are called to the battleground. We are all called to fight and win against satan and his army.  We are armed with the sword-- the word of God, the blood—the power of God, and the cross—the way to God. 

Ephesians 3:20 Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that we can ask or think, according to the power that works in us.



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