Dear friends, this is a testimony from a friend's nephew who is in prison.  I'm sharing it because it amazes me how great our God is that He reaches into the prison cell to free a person from their past, and gives them a future and a hope.  Please share this with others, it is Jerry's desire that his testimony reaches as many people as possible.

Pray for Jerry as he shares the Word of God with fellow prisoners.  May they be set free and be filled with God's Holy Spirt.  God is faithful.

Have you ever done drugs?  Have you ever had cravings so severe it was almost uncontrollable? I have.  I sold everything I owned for meth, even the clothes on my back.  I read Mark chapter 5 and saw myself in the passage.  Let me explain.

In verse 2, notice it says the man had an impure spirit.  It also says he was living in the tombs.  I can relate to this:  I also had an impure spirit.  My desires were to fulfill the cravings I had.  My thoughts and cravings were sex, drugs, alcohol and anything that would take away the guilt and self-pity I was filled with.  I was always angry and prone to violent outbursts. This impure spirit drove me away from those I truly love and in to the tombs of society (trap houses).  At times I felt unwanted even among other addicts and further secluded myself.  I would spend hours alone watching porn and fulfilling all my fleshly desires in whatever way necessary.  When the dope ran out, I was on the move again and doing whatever I had to for my fix including robbing dealers and stealing from those I love.

Verses 3-5 tell us that the demon-possessed man could not be bound; he couldn’t be chained down.  Neither could I.  Sure, the law would stop me for a season or maybe my family could convince to quit for a while, but the demon inside me continued to break away at the wall I put up until I gave in and used again.  The Bible says nothing was strong enough to subdue him.  Well, nothing was strong enough to subdue me either.  Not my love for my family, not the love I had for myself.  Nothing!  I was a hopeless and lost cause.  Suicide was on my mind constantly and like the demon-possessed man, I cried and cut myself.  I pricked myself for hours sometimes trying to get a hit.  It seemed only death could free me.

Verse 9 says the man had legions of demons in him.  So did I.  I was possessed by all kinds of demons – drug addiction, sex addiction, porn addiction, suicide and guilt.  My mind didn’t work properly and the demons of suspicion and paranoia plagued my every thought.  Those demons were no match for Jesus though.  I knew if I didn’t surrender EVERY aspect of my life to him, I would die and go to hell.  Not only that, I would continue to endure hell on earth as well.  So I surrendered it all to Him and when I did, I regained my sanity.  It was just like the scriptures.  I was INSTANTLY healed.  A sense of hope flooded over me.  My guilt was washed away.  I knew I was FREE.  Praise God, I AM FREE!!!

I called my family and told them what had happened and they couldn’t believe the change in me.  II Corinthians 5:17 says if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature.  I can vouch that this is a LITERAL statement.  When you become a child of God, your desires immediately change.  Your focus stops being on pleasing yourself and starts being on pleasing your Heavenly Father.  Before 12-24-17, I thought I was saved.  I had said the sinner’s prayer a hundred times.  I realized though that I never truly repented.  I never gave Jesus 100% of my life.  A verse that helped me realize this was James 2:17, which says that faith if it hath not works is dead.  Another verse that helped me realize that I was lost was I John 2:4 – He who saith I know Him but keepeth not His commandments is a liar and the truth is not in him.  I realized salvation isn’t about believing that Jesus was the Son of God.  James 2:19 says that even the devils believe.  Salvation isn’t obtained through a knowledge that the gospel is real, but through surrendering 100% of your life to Jesus.  Luke 17:33 says it best: Whoever tries to keep their life shall lose it and whoever loses their life shall preserve it.   In other words, you can live for yourself and go to Hell or you can live for Jesus and go to Heaven.

Have you ever surrendered 100 percent of your life?  Have you ever changed 100 percent as if it were magic?  If not, then tell yourself right now you are going to do whatever it takes.  Jeremiah 29:13 says And ye shall seek Me and find Me when ye shall search for me with all your heart.  Now if you are ready to put your whole heart into it, say a prayer in your own words admitting you are a sinner in need of forgiveness.  Believe Jesus died for your sins and that God raised Him from the dead.  Commit your ENTIRE life to Christ and ask him to live in your heart and be Lord of your life.

Indications you have received the Holy Ghost:

1.       You will have new desires and act differently

2.       You will have a new desire to get close to God and read the Bible

3.       You will feel very guilty when you sin and will not use your salvation as a liberty to sin.

4.       You will have a new outlook on right and wrong.

5.       You will have more self-control.

6.       You will be content being single.

7.       You will desire to tell others about Jesus.

8.       You will stop using offensive language.

9.       You will desire to be around other Christians.

10.   You will realize how sinful your past actions truly were and will try to avoid evil at all costs.

I can’t even recognize myself now.  I used to be folk and walked around throwing up gang signs.  I said GD every other sentence.  I made crude remarks about women and fought constantly.  I had a complete change that is how I KNOW I am saved.  I also know because one day I prayed for a sign and 2 hours later Mark Mitchell came and preached on eternal security.  This was on a Monday morning in Caldwell County Jail and preachers normally come on Thursday nights.

Are you one million percent sure?  Have you had a transformation experience?  If not, get sure.  If you haven’t had a transformation experience, you can have one.  Like I said, I had said the sinner’s prayer 100 times and rededicated my life a hundred more, but I never got saved until I humbled myself and admitted I was lost and gave God 100 percent.  If this is you, it is okay.  Jesus is waiting with open arms.  Run to him.



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