First of all, thanks so much to all of you who have been praying with us for Jeff and his family! It’s so good to have a larger family of prayer involved in this. 

Yesterday morning we heard that Jeff’s levels were again at a dangerous place, so Marie and I went again to pray over him last evening. Karen was there, as well as their two daughters, and two prayer partners from Bethel Baptist Church in Tacoma. We shared some stories of healings we’ve experienced to bolster faith, and then invited the Presence of Jesus the Healer to fill the room.

As we gave thanks and spoke phrases of worship, the Holy Spirit began to rest on Jeff in a tangible way. After a few minutes I began to feel heat coming through my hand, and when I asked Jeff if he felt it, he nodded ‘yes.’ We asked the Lord for more, and Jeff entered into a series of increasing waves of heat, power, and healing presence. At the height of the experience, as he was trembling and weeping, Jeff began to say over and over again “my sins are forgiven, my sins are forgiven!” It was one of the most beautiful moments of experiencing the assurance of God’s mercy and grace that I’ve ever witnessed. Most of us in the room were weeping as well.

The power encounter lasted about ten minutes, and then slowly subsided. Substantial peace was evident in Jeff’s face as we concluded the ministry time with words of encouragement on how to use the words he had received from the Lord and from others in the battle he faces. Please continue to pray for him, that the Lord will complete this good work of healing, and will strengthen Jeff to fight with the faith of Christ.

Blessings on you all, and thanks again for your prayers.

Gary and Marie



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