Marie and I went once again to pray over Jeff today. He’s had a rough week, dealing with an infection in one of his lungs, a normally minor thing that becomes major in the context of battling leukemia and the effects of chemotherapy.

Jeff was asleep when we arrived, having been given some Benadryl to aid him in resting. As we quietly invited the Holy Spirit to manifest His power, Jeff began to tremble under the weight of God’s presence. We continued to pray quietly, and as the manifestation of power increased, it became clear that there was spiritual residue from past hurt and sin that was coming to the surface. Over the next 40 minutes, Jeff experienced a series of powerful deliverances, punctuated by statements of forgiveness for people who had hurt him and his family, as well as by the stark evidence of spiritual darkness leaving him.

Marie went to talk with the nurses who were outside the room, to assure them that what they were hearing was a good thing, though it sounded not so good! The head nurse immediately agreed with Marie that Jeff was being set free, and that there was nothing for the other nurses to worry about! Thank God for believing hospital staff!

Through the course of the encounter, we were able to deal with several significant points of entry for spiritual darkness, and by the end Jeff was completely peaceful, weeping gently in the goodness of his Father, and resting while worship music played on an iPhone.

Thank you all so much for praying with us for Jeff and Karin. Please do not stop – he’s is a serious battle for his life. Marie and I are convinced that we have every reason to expect that Jeff will be healed, so the war is waged with confidence and hope. 

Blessings to you all, and keep them in your prayers! 
Gary & Marie 



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