I AM LAUGHING. I have a bit more to this word / please share it. Laughter is a victory.  I was thinking, "What a week this is going to be for Trump"
Europe - hate him (some love him)
U.K. Lots hate him
Some terrified
Brexiters love him though
Then God said to me, "Don't worry, I'm mopping up the world"
And I saw a mop like an old fashioned mop
All soaking wet and being flung around the floor
HA HA. But Trump was the mop in God's hand. He also had some fire crackers in his pocket. He threw one pack this morning at Angela Merkell this morning. Another pack of fire crackers to come in UK - 
That's a different take on it
So now I'm going to sit back and watch. I'll pray something if He tells me. Meanwhile  I'll just watch and laugh

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