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You may remember we prayed for Jenny‘s dogs before. She has a dog named Rose she’s a massive that’s the name of the breed she is. She had to undergo some surgery with a lot of complications she’s a very young dog I think she’s two maybe a little older she’s a beautiful animal and Jenny is brokenhearted because there’s been so many complications but I want to give God some praise and glory. Just a day or so ago Rose was so bad after the surgery the doctor told Jenny that he didn’t give her much hope. They wanted to know if she would euthanize her Jenny loves Rose so much but did not want her suffering and she could have died on the table anyway. So Jenny agreed to euthanize her but then Rose woke  up. Jenny and I know it’s because we prayed and believed God. 

Tonight after she got off work she went to see her at the dog ER and her stomach is all swollen and bruised and she had a hard time getting up the doctor said that could happen but Jenny thinks it’s too much swelling please agree with us for Rose and for Jenny too.
Jenny needs a closer relationship with the Lord and I know she knows that’s true. I pray Lord that she reads your word please stand with us for them both.
Lord first we praise you and thank you for the miracle you did with Rose waking up like she did when no one expected her to. Hallelujah thank you Jesus there’s no one like you lord nothing is impossible with you. We ask you now Lord complete the healing let her stay on the road to recovery let her get better and better each day we command that swelling go down I take authority over it now and bind it and command it go down now! Give Jenny sleep tonight as she has a lot to do in the morning. Give her a closer relationship with you Jesus she need you Lord.  By the stripes of Jesus Rose you are healed thank you Lord we give you all the praise and all the glory thank you Jesus for this miracle healing amen and amen
Arlene Caraway
Sunlight ministry
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