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Father God Says, "DO NOT FEAR, 
           I Am Exposing the Plans of the Enemy!"

Victoria Boyson

There is something about to be uncovered in the natural realm that will be so traumatic to the nation, it will be difficult to believe. It's something God's known for a very long time, but through our prayers, He's uncovering the evil that's plagued our nation. He does not want His people to be alarmed. 

Father has given me two other words prior to this (The Fire Army and Victory Over Our Enemies
) to help the church understand how to deal with what is coming. It's imperative that God's children remain in peace, for many will need comfort during that time. 

We must understand that everything revealed now has been happening for a long time, in America and around the world. God has chosen now to reveal it; He is the one uncovering it and it is in Him we have peace. He is in control and we must trust in Him. 

Christians don't like to think about darkness, but even though we shouldn't dwell on these things, we have to war against them and we have to know how to war. 

Back in 2015, the Lord began to download to me what He was planning to do in our nation and the church. The words He said to me then have become a compass to me as I witness the torrent in our nation now. 

Here's just an excerpt of that word: 

The Father tells me we can trust completely that He is in control. No matter how things look, how shakey things can appear, no matter what things you see... understand that God is in it. God has assured me that He will not be content with business as usual. He wants a revolution.

Watch as He uncovers evil and brings it to the attention of the world. He's uncovering things that have been hidden for some time. They've planned to undermine Him, and plan our destruction... BUT GOD! God has known about it all along, so do not despair, because HE IS THE ONE UNCOVERING IT.

He wants to start a revolution. It takes a lot to do that, so rejoice when it appears that the enemy has won and the church has been abandoned. God loves us and HE WILL NOT abandon us. Determine in your heart that no matter what you see, you will not fear, but you will stand with Him and TRUST in His plan for restoration to come to us.

God says, "I am in it! And when I am in it, I am in it to win it!"

No matter how things look, He will not stop until our enemy is completely uncovered and uprooted. He will not let things lay half done. He will complete the work He began in this world. He will shake it and the enemy will not even see it coming.

The Father has baited our enemy. He's made it seem to them that He does not see what they are doing. They are convinced they will get away with what they're trying to do, but it's all a trap. He wants to uncover the good in men's hearts. He wants justice -  full, complete and reliable justice. And He wants vindication for the innocent. Justice is not complete with out vindication.

I honestly had no idea what God was talking about when He first shared that with me and still only see in glimpses until He chooses to explain Himself. He's shown me darkness, but with such grace that I can see He's bigger than the darkness. His revelations have grown increasingly in their abhorrence, because He does not want us caught unaware. But we have no reason to believe that our heavenly Father is worried or upset about our future. In fact, just the opposite. He's been awaiting this season for a long while. He wants justice for those who've been trampled on and treated as through they do not matter. 

But to get to where He wants to take us, we will have to see the darkness that's been lurking in the shadows... and that will take courage. He wants His children prepared and given understanding on how to deal with it. (ie. Victory Over Our Enemies)

Indeed, the enemy, aware of the awakening that is about to hit the earth, has tried literally everything he can to hinder, stop or even slow what God is unleashing. Yet, it has been this very action that will only succeed in propelling the kingdom of God's advancement. His actions of evil will bring about the seismic awakening in the minds of men which he's tried to dull with his antics. 

In fact, much of what he's done to keep this nation under control will be used against him for the glory of God and the ushering in of the government of heaven. No matter what he tries will work against him, because of the prayers of the saints. God is reacting to the cries of the intercessors all over the world. He will continue until He's reintroduced us to His Kingdom! It is truly the season of the CROSS and we will finally see its true power! 

Please understand that evil is evil, but good can seem like evil if it is used to keep us from fighting the darkness that is trying to overtake us. If you will not turn away from the battle in the day of trouble, you will become a part of the greatest move of God the world has ever known. Indeed, you were called to fight with the man of war who is Jesus. (Ex. 15:3)

Heaven is at war and, as we are told in Colossians 3:2, we are to focus on the things of heaven. If heaven is at war, the effects we see in the natural are a symptom of that war. Satan, through rabid jealousy, thought he could take his Creator down and govern himself. What seems utterly delusional to you and I seemed like an actual possibility to him. He really thought he could conquer the Creator and so he waged a war against Him. 

As children of God, we all have the elements of heaven living and breathing inside us. We walk around daily carrying the very thing satan is warring against. We are literally made in the image of God to carry His government inside of us. As Christians, we are filled with the glory of HEAVEN, yet surrounded by the war hell is waging on earth. Is it any wonder hell has targeted the church and the children of God? No. The church has been the assignment of darkness from the very beginning, yet much of the church thinks our destiny is peace. Yes, Jesus is the Prince of Peace, but He is also the Man of War (Ex. 15:3). He's come to cast a fire on the earth, for we cannot have peace without war. 

What satan started was not God's plan; it was not a war of His making. Our Lord did not start this war, but He finished it on the CROSS. Our victory was accomplished the day He died and rose again. We, as Christ's followers, have been given the responsibility and duty to administrate the conveyance of the government of heaven to the earth. Our great commission has never changed, though we may not always consider it, it is the advancement of God's take over, His conditions for peace (Mt. 28:18-20). 

If you study history, you know that the failed treaty of Versailles was man's way of bringing peace, of trying to force evil to be good by the means of man. But God will now show you His way of peace.

All the enemy can do is copy what God does to make it seem that evil is good and good is evil. Do not fear men. The Fear of Man is a snare, but it is God our Father who deserves to be the focus of our pleasure. Do you desire to please God or do you fear the disapproval of men? Those caught in darkness understand that God exists, but they've lost all fear of Him. Not only do they not want to please God, they are at war with Him. That is what God means when He says, "The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom," (Pr. 9:10; Pr. 1:7) 

Satan has come to kill steal and destroy, but be of good cheer. Our LORD has OVERCOME THE WORLD! (Jn. 10:10; Jn. 16:33) Our heavenly Father has the right to govern mankind, because He first created us and then again sent His Son to save us (Jn. 3:16). He is our true Ruler and we will need to choose who we will serve: God or satan? (Joshua 24:20) Do you want to rebel against the Lordship of God and govern yourself or will you surrender to the King of kings and Lord of lords? Because to the pure, He shows Himself pure, but to the wicked, He is hostile, (Ps. 18:26). 

Satan has created a kingdom of his own in which he is attempting to govern the earth. He has created his own rituals of power and worship of evil. Indeed, it is difficult for us, as children of the Light, to even conceive of such dark things, yet we must, for the war has been brought to us. It is evil, but good is much greater than evil. 

Moreover, God says, "You are Mine and I take care of My own. Do not fear! I am exposing your enemies!"

Anticipate the evidence of His hand and give Him your whole heart. Declare that He alone is your God.

Walk boldly in increased vision and trust in Him. He is truly worthy of your trust.

You are a bold, unstoppable, kingdom warrior!

You will take territory for Him and your heritage will be the spoils of war. You will climb mountains and destroy wickedness in high place, because your God is Who He's said He is and He can be trusted to work miracles through you!

Fear nothing - trust God!

This is only the beginning!

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VICTORIA BOYSON is the pastor of Faith Church Conroe, in Conroe, TX, and founder of Victoria Boyson Ministries and Women of Impact Ministries. She is dedicated to raising up an army of powerfully equipped believers who will revolutionize their world and bring in the harvest. Victoria is passionate about the church operating in extraordinary authority Christ won for them and to awaken believers to their victorious reality. Through revelations of the Holy Spirit and the Word, she and her family are breaking down strongholds which have kept the church from fully realizing the great commission.

Along with her husband, Victoria has worked in pastoral ministry since 1992, and travels and speaks throughout the U.S. Based out of the Houston, Texas area, she lives with her husband and together they have 4 grown children. She is the author of REVOLUTION: The White Horse Rider, God's Magnum Opus: The Value of a Women, AWAKENING: The Deep Sleep, His Passionate Pursuit and The Birth of Your Destiny.


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