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In Christ's Image Training
Accelerated 3-Month Class
Registration extended through Monday, October 1

If you were interested in enrolling in the In Christ’s Image Training but were unsure you could devote six full months to the class our "Accelerated Course" might be for you.

We are offering the Level I class at an accelerated pace of only three months starting October 5. If you enroll in the full training and have a minimum of three hours per week available to devote to this accelerated online course, you will graduate in just three months (in contrast to the six-month plan).

This accelerated plan will send out two sessions per week (four chapters) in contras5 to the current two chapters per week in our six-month course. The faster pace will be more time efficient but will require twice the reading. The available audio messages, though not tested separately, can be listened to at your pace. Tuition and enrollment plans will stay the same, the only difference being the pace and efficiency of the accelerated class. If you are forming a group, it would be wise to poll those in the group, making sure all agree to meet weekly.

The accelerated course is not for someone with a full schedule, but rather for someone who is able to commit the time needed to grow in their walk with the Lord over a shorter period of time.

We will still continue offering the six-month plan for those with busier schedules.


Level I registration for the Accelerated Class

In Christ's Image Training

Level I classes begin October 5, 2018

Sign up today for the Accelerated In Christ's Image Training course that begins October 5, 2018. Registration for the Accelerated Class closes September 27, 2018 extended through Oct 1, 2018.

In Christ's Image Training is an online, home study course developed by Pastor Frangipane. These are proven truths that break chains and lead to power in our Christian walk.

ICIT provides focused training in four essential stages of spiritual development:

The vision of attaining Christ's likeness
Possessing Christ's humility
Developing a strong prayer life
Becoming one with other Christ believers

The course comes right to your home via email and audio messages and is designed to lift one's focus toward the actual presence of Jesus Christ. The full course not only includes 48 lessons and 39 audio messages (sample audio), but the discerning student will actually find the Lord using the weekly lessons to stage opportunities to deepen the truths found in the training.

For those with limited funds, the entire text is free by email. Just enroll in the Free Lesson Plan (new students only please).

Enrollment overview:

1) Go to and read through the Level I page, FAQ page, Level I Syllabus page, and Tuition page.

2) Choose an enrollment plan.

3) Next, complete the Level I Registration form before the end of the day, September 27 October 1.
4) Submit the registration form.

This accelerated class begins October 5, 2018.

Remember, this is a three-month accelerated class. We will begin accepting registrations for our regular six-month class in mid-October and class will begin January 4, 2019

For more info, please see


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