Dear friends: Is the rapture really imminent? I believe it is. I want to refer you to an excellent Web site, at The site is 47 minutes long but it is jam-packed with relevant and timely information. It will be truly worth a listen. The author of this site is unknown to me but he is very good, and very knowledgeable. He makes total sense to me. He points out Matthew 24:37, which says the coming of the Lord will be "as in the days of Noah." That would be in the Hebrew month of Cheshvan, which is where we are right now. If this is the year, we are soon outa here! God bless ypu, and I'll see you in the air! Jim _________________ You are currently subscribed to as: %%emailaddr%% To ensure delivery add %%merge inmail_.hdrfromspc_%% to your email address book Forward to a friend: %%merge sites_.guihost_%%/subscribe/forwardtoafriend.tml?m=%%memberidchar%%&o=%%outmail.messageid%% Manage Subscription: %%merge sites_.guihost_%%/subscribe/managesubscription.tml?m=%%memberidchar%% Subscribe: %%merge sites_.guihost_%%/read/all_forums/subscribe? Unsubscribe: %%url.unsub%%