Hello Again:)

While I know this and the Christmas blessing are/were a bit early. But, I will have family coming in from out of town soon and wanted to make sure you didn't miss the information during the holidays.

The only thing that is constant, it seems is change. This can really be a good thing...

"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens"  

Ecclesiastes 3:1 NIV 

There is even a time to dance!

This can really be a blessing when we know in what season into which we are going or out from which we are coming. In many conferences over the years I led people in an 'activation' about seasons, using that wonderful older song by Donald Lawrence called, "Seasons." The billows were laying on the floor in a 'plus sign,' creating 4 pie shapes, indicating the four seasons. Most of us experience all of these (Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring) both naturally in creation and also in our own being and life. I presume some of you who live up North, right now are experiencing the chill of Winter. We all look forward to the newness of life in Spring and the fullness of life in Summer. There are so many analogies about the seasons in which we live and into where we transition. Do you know what season you are in? Do you feel stuck at times? Do you desire something fresh and new? 

The Lord had me in a very long season of doing conferences a certain set way, which I am still doing and enjoying, but in addition, I had been and am still praying for something new. A few years ago, He gave me the inspiration for the DFH Online School and it has grown tremendously over the last 8 years (wow, where does the time go?)! I am so grateful to Him and to all the students who have gone through and who are still working through the program. 

What else is new?

The Lord opened the door for the Dancing For Him Online School of the Bible! Our very first class will begin January 11th, 2019, with enrollment ending
December 31st (only days away). We are so excited about this program and how enriching it will be! I so hope you research its information and pray about joining us. CLICK HERE for all the details.


Over the last many years, while teaching the conferences, after the Modern Dance class, teaching a dance or choreography technique and especially the Prophetic Dance portions, I always verbalize, "I could do this all day long!" So, recently, someone said, "why don't you?" Funny, I had, I guess, been sort of 'stuck' in doing the conferences a certain way. But there is no reason why I couldn't do those portions of the conferences that people (and I) love the most! Soooo... in February, I'm doing a one day choreography workshop, mostly to work on the steps and patterns of a dance the Lord gave me to a powerful song (Your Spirit, by Tasha Cobbs), so I can easily teach it at some/most of the conferences upcoming this year! 

So, the Massachucetts and New York conferences, and November retreat, we will be learning most, if not all of the choreography. The MA and NY conferences will have a different schedule too, where we will focus primarily on Prophetic Dance and Choreography. It is going to be so powerful in His presence, exciting and a wonderful learning experience!! I can't wait!!


CLICK HERE (or on the poster) for information about the MA conference.


CLICK HERE (or on the poster) for information about the NY conference.


CLICK HERE (or on the poster) for information about the FL conference.

I so hope to see you there!

Also, since we all love to stay in God's holy presence during the Artistic Ministry during the conferences and retreats, after praying, I felt the Lord wanted us to have our April retreat in North Georgia to be focused primarily on the Word, Prophetic Dance and Artistic ministry. If you want a time to get away, get out of the cold:) and spend some amazing quality time in God's all powerful healing presence, you will love the GA retreat. CLICK HERE or on the poster for all the details. 'Hope to see you there! Oh there is a FINAL, FINAL cut off for this retreat. Please look carefully at the information. No more registrations will be received after March 21st. Reserve your room and register soon!


There are many conferences coming up in 2019 and I can't always remind you all of the early savings cut off dates so you may save money on registration. But I can tell you about savings dates coming up in January. CLICK HERE or on the picture to see all the details about all the upcoming conferences. 


Did you know that the final cut off for the 2019 class enrollment is
December 31st, 2018? School begins January 10th and concludes October 24th. Then graduation is always the first weekend in November.

Please be sure to read through all the information, watch some of the video testimonials (or read them), pray about the possibility and Lord willing, enroll within the next several days. It is an intense course of study, yes. But, it will change your life! I hope to work with you in the school soon... CLICK HERE or on the poster for all the details. 


Over the course of the next couple years, I'm going to be phasing out DVDs and moving into only downloadable formats. So, watch for special price change announcements and sales. If you want DVDs, I encourage you to work toward completing your collection soon. Remember too, at the conferences, the products are always greatly reduced in price. CLICK HERE or on the picture to see all the different resources to help you in your dance ministry.

Well, I pray you have again, a Blessed Christmas and a glorious New Year! You probably won't hear from me much over the holidays, as we celebrate our Savior's birth and then we will be working behind the scenes in preparation for the new school year. I hope to work with you in the school and/or see you at an upcoming event! 

May the Blessings of the Lord overtake you! I am:

Dancing For Him,
Pastor Lynn







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