December 21, 2018

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The Daily Truth-Michael Boldea


Please keep Courtney Hay in your prayers.








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  Phil Keaggy- Jean Watson "Do You Hear What I hear"    


                       We Wish All The Artists with CSMI a very Merry and Blessed Christmas.



                    Today's Christian Music Interview with Lottie Partridge 12-10-2018 (Click here)


                                     Connect 2019. CSMI's Spring Conference

                     New River Fellowship-Franklin TN April 6,7 2019




To Register simply send an email to and let us know you would like to attend. The conference is free and meant to connect artists with Each Other, as well as Ministry opportunities, Songwriting, Publishing, and Recording opportunities.

Here is a link to the new Rustic Songbird Podcast a new podcast with Lydia Walker. The first two interviews are available now, including interviews with Erskin Anavitarte and Julie Keltonic.

December Worship Article-James Burkhardt

We began this Worship journey last month  by taking a look at the 
worship in Heaven as described in Revelation Chapters 4 and 5.
I suggest that you read them regularly each week to burn the
 images into your mind and spirit. You may want to do that right now
before going any further just to have that as a context and setting as 
we move forward.

The other refresh is to keep in mind what I call the three cornerstones:
Thanksgiving (the goodness of God). Praise (the greatness of God).
 Worship (the Holiness of God). The songs that we write and sing as 
"worship facilitators" should be shaped by these three distinctions.

This month the focus will be on worship in the earthly realm
with a key instruction found in Col. 3:15 - 17 (NKJV);
"And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to which also 
you were called in one body; and be thankful.Let the word 
of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom, 
teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns 
and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the 
Lord.  And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name
 of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him."

The primary keywords from this passage are underlined. The bolded 
phrases reflect both the directives and desired outcomes from the 
congregation's gathering and activity. Can you see the "target rich 
environment" this passage has for us as creatives, i.e. Christian 
Songwriters and Musicians, charged with worship on earth as it
is in Heaven??

We are to create specific content for the body:
 psalms and hymns, spiritual songs.  These are to 
teach and admonish (encourage and direct) the body.

These are to be created and performed with 
1) the peace of God in your hearts. 
2) for the one body to which you we called. 
3) being thankful. 
4) communicating the Word (truth) of the Lord. 
5) and in all wisdom (the right and proper application of that knowledge)
 of that Word. 
These are to be sung with grace in your hearts to the Lord. 
 Done in the name of the Lord Jesus (mention Him by 
name, perhaps?) giving thanks specifically to God the Father
through Him.

Can you see where Thanksgiving and Praise are emerging as 
the doorway to God's presence??
Psalm 22 tells us that God inhabits the praises of His people,
which is His response to true worship. The literal translation is 
that God sits on a throne made out of Praise in the midst of 
His people.  (He is present with us on Earth as it is in Heaven...
think Revelation Chapter 4 and 5.) More on that next month 
leading off the New Year.

One last thing. Email me at if you'd
like to participate in a free 30 minute Zoom call that I will be hosting 
the 3rd Monday of every month from 6:30 - 7:00 p.m., right after the
CSMI Today's Christian Music LivBroadcast on BlogTalk Radio. I'll
be sharing tips and tools for a successful career in the Music Industry.

Merry Christmas, Happy  Hanukkah and a Blessed 2019!




Hello my dear dear friends- there is something I want to share with you- to be honest this album leaves me a bit vulnerable as it came so deep from my heart. This Christmas album is something that I birthed in 2013. I found myself fascinated by the mystery, the drama, the vulnerability (of both Jesus and Mary) and set out to make a Christmas album. After getting two songs produced, I set up my recording "studio" alone in a house during a blizzard on THANKSGIVING by myself! hahaha and started recording the other songs on my own. A complete step of faith, and a huge challenge but at the same time empowering and invigorating.

What emerged is a very personal take on the Christmas story- two of the songs focus on Mary (One is from her perspective as she gives birth, as she watches Jesus grow and as she takes him down from the cross and cradles him as she did when he was a baby. The other is an old Spiritual that the BRILLIANT Bryan Lennox and I adapted), One song asks "Where Is The Line to See Jesus", a song that I found and adapted. And two that have a strong Middle Eastern Sound- "Little Drummer Boy" and my take on "O Come Emmanuel" as I imagined a Jewish Shepherd boy would play something similar to a djembe and in that groove and style as he was invited to play for Jesus. 

I hope you guys enjoy it, I hope it draws you in to this amazing story in a new way, and I thank you for taking a minute to listen in to my heart and my songs. Much love.


Here are different ways you can listen for free or download.




Lara landon



Love Moves


People, the pre-release album is here! We will have an incredible roll out of the album using a few singles to create momentum; however, if you are wanting your copy early, you have two options:


1.   Come to a show in your area and pick one up

2.    Click the link below and help promote future shows through your support

Click HERE to order LOVE MOVES!


"Revivals begin with God's own people; the Holy Spirit touches their heart anew and gives them new fervor and compassion, and zeal, new light, and life, and when He has thus come to you, He next goes forth to the valley of dry bones... Oh, what responsibility this lays on the Church of God! If you grieve Him away from yourselves or hinder His visit, then the poor perishing world suffers sorely!"

- Andrew Bonar

"Revival begins in the individual's heart. Let it begin with you on your face alone before God. Turn from every sin that might hinder. Renew yourself to a new devotion to the Savior."

- Lee Roberson


"Have you noticed how much praying for revival has been going on of late - and how little revival has resulted? I believe the problem is that we have been trying to substitute praying for obeying, and it simply will not work."

- A.W. Tozer


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Roz Welch Releases The Song "White Flag" and anthem of hope.

"White Flag" is an anthem of hope! With honest confessions and a feel good flow, Roz explores the theme of surrender. In this inspirational song, she shares genuinely about the struggle and the sweetness in surrendering control of her life to the LORD. This reggae soul tune is definitely a vibe. As you listen to the catchy hook, you will definitely find yourself putting up your hands and waving your white flag!

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James Burkhardt is our new host for the Todays Christian Music Broadcast.


We want to welcome Bob Bennet and Bruce Copeland, Nancy Honeytree,

Janis Remen, Kyle Hill, Stuart and Julie Zurcher, and Pastor James Robert

as newest members of CSMI.

CSMI Month Of  December 2018 Schedule:

This is the link for the February CSMI events. Please check them out.

The Edge Podcast with Scott Logan

Check out this weekly podcast from CSMI artist Scott Logan who lives in Portland Maine.


CSMI Blog Olivia Conn



Jerry Bryant  Interview On

Today's Christian Music

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Victor Reyes-Prieto Interview TCM

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We welcome Crystal Hott and family to CSMI. They will be our state leaders in Ohio and we welcome John Malala from Kenya.


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