"I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go." (Psalm 32:8)

We were among the first boarding the Boeing 757 on the flight from Atlanta to Dallas, as our tickets took us to the rear of the plane. We were seated, and the flight warnings and instructions were shown on the TV screens which hung above the center aisle. As I watched, looking down the length of the plane, I saw 5 screens, each repeating the same instructions. I thought to myself, "How often does God have to repeat the same thing to me - over and over - before I understand and I am obedient?"

Have you ever felt the nudging to write someone a note, make a phone call, or lift someone up in prayer... just to ignore it? Then perhaps a friend may mention that persons' name - again, a repetition of the nudge.

The list could go on. How about when we know we should spend time in prayer or Bible reading? We may ignore that first reminder, but God has a way of repeating the message to us until it gets through!

He also is in the business of reminding us of His unfailing love, just in case we miss it on the first screen of our lives. He will repeat the love message to us in many ways - as many times as it takes - for us to know that we are SO special to Him and loved without reservation. I am so glad that God will repeat His message of love to us, and His call for us to serve others. How blessed we are!



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