The Lord Spoke this to me recently. As I was going through my journal I read it and it was encouaging, so i wanted to share with you. 

Treasures from the Heart


God Speaks:




So often your tune Me out just when you need to hear Me the most. You turn to comfort from things that can never fully satisfy you, then you complain about it to Me.


Is it My fault that you’ve put your faith and trust into the temporary fixes of this world?


Have I failed you, ever?  Haven’t I always been there for you and brought you through the rough places, and the deep valleys?


The question isn’t why won’t I help you?  The question is why won’t you trust me to do what I said I can do in your life?


You are in unbelief – this is what kept My people from entering into the Promised Land; they did not believe I could do what I said I would.


I parted the Red Sea, sent manna from heaven, and brought forth water from a Rock; yet they trusted in the temporal not the eternal.


Don’t be like those who ate the manna, drank the water, and saw the sea part, but died in their wilderness---believe.


Hebrews 3:19  So we see that they could not enter in because of unbelief



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