Hello and Praise the Lord!


I pray you are well... The Lord gave the idea to share about how worship dance can be beneficial to you. This morning I woke up inspired to talk about it all in a video newsletter! Scroll down a bit to see. 


Whether you are a prayer closet worship dancer, do the hallelujah hop during praise and worship, are on or lead a praise dance ministry team, we can all benefit from dancing to, with and for the Lord! So what are some (of the many) of these benefits?


1.  Intimacy with the Lord - When we really enter into worship, as we dance, there is nothing like that profound intimacy we experience in His glorious presence. It is a way to be closer to Him. As our incense of worship to Him goes up, so the many blessings come down.

2.  Improved Emotional Well Being - When we dance (or exercise in general, particular if it is aerobic in nature), we release endorphins. These are hormones that literally make us feel good. In His presence is fullness of joy!

3.  Strengthens Our Heart - It has been proven that just like other muscles in the body, the heart too is a muscle. So, when we are moving/dancing/exercising regularly, it improves the strength of our heart, making it more efficient.

4. Strengthens Our Bones - When we exercise or dance, we increase our bone density. This can help decrease or slow the risk of osteoporosis.

5. Weight Control - While a healthy diet is utmost for weight loss or maintenance, physical activity plays an ‘active’ roll in keeping our weight in check.


So, wherever you are in your worship dance journey, let me encourage you to take the next ‘step’ toward worshipping the Lord through movement, and experience these (and many, many more) wonderful benefits.


How or where can you do this?


Dance in your prayer closet


Start toe tapping in church


Join your church’s dance team (if there is one)


Watch and do praise dance videos



Come to a worship dance conference or retreat



Enroll in the DFH Online School to grow and go deeper in your call of dancing to, with and for the Lord.


I hope to see you at a conference, retreat or in the school sometime soon! Please share this and click on any of the links or posters for more information.


Here is the video version of the newsletter. I tried to keep it short and kept deleting parts, finally narrowing it down to a little over 9 minutes. Simply click on the picture and it will take you to the page where it is stored. Enjoy...



So what else is new?


Digital Download Bundles - We’ve made it possible to order bundles or packs of products in digital format at a good discount. CLICK HERE to see all the packs.



Early School Enrollment Savings - If you enroll in the school, paying tuition in full on or before August 10th, you will save $100! CLICK HERE to begin learning about the Dancing For Him Ministries Online School.



May the blessings of the Lord overtake you!


Dancing For Him,

Pastor Lynn



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