I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO HAVE A BORING DAY-  "  (Bob Jones encounter )

I went to lunch with my husband, David, and received some quite traumatic news from Ireland.plus bad lunch

We drove back to the house and as we were gathering our stuff together to get out of the van, my phone rang , i looked at the screen and saw it was Bonnie Jones, Bob Jones wife.  
Bonnie said, "I'm returning your call," So I said, "I didn't call you" and Bonnie said, "You did, ten minutes ago, I thought you had remembered that it was Bob's birthday today."  ( 4th February) He would have been 89 today."
Birthdays are very relevant in the God realm.

There was no call to Bonnie on my calls list on my phone, I checked, so I guess my Angel called her, 


I chatted with Bonnie for a while, and then I came into the house and sat down in the living room.

Now I have to back track a little so that you understand the next thing that happened in the living room 


Do you remember the day Bob Jones left this earth? 14th February, 2014  In the morning at 6:22 am,. but he didn't leave until the evening because he checked on his sons and daughters throughout the day. If that sounds strange to you, it is not unusual for someone to leave their body but not that minute go into heaven.   

I saw Bob In the Spirit that eveninging. He came to my house about 11pm and he had a red T shirt and white shorts.
He just stood and looked, like he waas "checking" for a few minutes, and then left. I know his spirit went on to heaven about 11:30pm. Many of Bob Jones sons and daughters had similar things happen that day.

Well today, (4th February), when I came into the house and sat down, I had a very strong vision of Bob with the same red T shirt and shorts that he had before, when he went to heaven. This time he had a ball which he tossed up a couple of times. He was also clapping and running in a small circle  in the beginning. These are difficult to describe because these visions are so strong that it is not like a picture, it is part of the physical things around you.  
Then I got the words from the Holy Spirit, "Catch the ball and run, run, He is a 'much more' God."

 And a fire was all over me from my toes to my hair, and I couldn't move. It stayed like that for quite a while. 


I believe the ball is for those who are really hungry to catch and run. After a while of sitting and not being able to move, I heard the distant sound of Niagara Falls. I had seen this before also some years ago, when God showed me there was a move of God coming that would be like Niagara Falls.


For us to run with the ball, we have to break from the formats and religious systems and run..

There are mindsets and thought patterns that are religious and very crippling. There is no way we can run unless they are broken. It's like trying to fly with a broken wing, His ways are not our religious ways. There are so many things that God wants to do but somehow we think. "He wouldn't do that and He wouldn't do this," because we haven't seen it or we have a mindset. Three times last year God told me I was so religious


I have been in moves of the Spirit, where God did just take over. He didn't ask for anyone's approval or permission. Mind you, He knows when your heart is open, and you just want Him to do whatever He wants. Some of the things are not conventional. I saw God take away the voices of children who were being rude, for a while. I saw people stick to the wall (like in the fairgrounds). I saw people with one foot stuck to the floor for hours. until they changed or gave in, or gave up their opinion.


I saw the Holy Spirit come into a house like a train, people fell and couldn't get up, young people started to try and run away, but their feet got glued to the ground. and they were unable to move,The Spirit fell on them one by one and they fell and got delivered. I've seen God wake up children in their beds and they have come running down the stairs with tears streaming  down their faces. confessing things they had done in secret.


The Huguenot prophet children prophesied in their cribs in perfect French, before they could talk.


What about Ananias and Saphira who fell dead in church because of a lie?  What would happen in your church if that happened next Sunday? Do you think there would be a good crowd the following week?    


What about the Celtic Fathers in Ireland and Europe in the 5th 6th 7th century - they raised the dead, healed the sick and had many signs and wonders. But they also called out leaders and kings (under the anointing) and people died who defied God. I think the church has given up its authority. Jesus said, "I give YOU power.. over all the power of the enemy." 


Then I heard a sound like Niagara Falls. I had an experience about that some years ago- when I was standng in the water some ways from the Falls. God told me at the time, a move of God like Niagara was coming. That's why I keep telling people, "Don't tell God how to do it, or what to do, it's often not like you think. You have to duck sometimes if you're not comfortable,"   


MUCH MORE In Romans, chapter five, the Bible says that if we were reconciled by his death, MUCH MORE shall was be saved by His Life. 
"He is able to do EXCEEDING (tremendously, immense,extreme, supreme, outstanding) -ABUNDANTLY (great quantity, more than adequate, oversufficient)  MORE  (new, added extra, increased spare) than we can ask or even think, 
He is a MUCH MORE GOD. The man at the beautiful gate was asking for alms but he got MUCH MORE from Peter and John. They said. "We don't have any alms, but we can give you some legs." it was MUCH MORE  than he had asked
Everyone that asked for something from Jesus got MUCH MORE...When Jesus fed the 5000 from a few loaves and fishes,  they got  MUCH MORE, in fact, I would say that was much, much more, 
Whatever you need - don't be shy, because He is MUCH MORE, He has made you MUCH MORE. Given you heavenly places to dwell, and heavenly realms. Healing and miracles, and great displays of His goodness and mercy.
When you were saved I guarantee you received much more that you thought. When you run with the ball don't forget you are carrying Good News and Good News is healing and deliverance and rescue and salvation and goodwill - but whatever you experienced thus far- there is much more-
A powerful anointing was released on the 6th February.( Bob Jones birthday) are you going to catch the ball and run. Run past your own expectations. See much more - the supernatural realm is normal for us and it is MUCH MORE than we can wrap our minds around/
Let's watch God make a great display.'
Kathie Walters
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