I read this quote from a devotional and thought of a poem I wrote recently. His going forth is as certin as the dawn. Let us be in position to behold His glory as the Spirit of wisdom and revelation falls.....
"Be prepared for Me, for I shall come unto you in a blinding splendor, and you  shall not be able to bear it if you have been regarding the darkness about you....The Great Revelation is unfolding, and the ushering in of My kingdom is at hand....I would prepare you. I have truth to give you that is vital to this hour." (Frances J. Roberts; Come Away My Beloved)
Go forth!
In Your might
In Your power
Shine forth
In Your majesty
In Your beauty 
Go forth!
Shine forth!
In Your glory
Rise and shine 
In Your wonder 
In Your splendor 
Oh! Oh! Go!
Holy One
True One
Go and show
Who You are
Brightest Star
Arise and shine
In the hearts
Of Your people 
With Your glory 
In Your glory
Burst forth
Beautiful One
Perfect Son
What has been concealed 
In dark shadows
Draw near
With Your light
Chasing fright
Removing night
All things bright
As You come
Exalted One
Changing perspective 
Reigning in power
In this Your hour
Setting things straight 
From the eastern gate
We wait
Eyes on the sky
We anticipate 
Who You are
Coming forth
Showing forth
Bursting forth 
From glory
With glory
For Your glory
Finish the story
Go forth!
Woody Winchell


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