Good Enough!

'I will build you, and you shall be rebuilt.' Jer 31:4

Don't allow anybody but God to tell you what you're worth! That's too much power to give anyone. If people can label you, they can limit you.  Until you know how God feels about you, you'll know neither your worth as an individual nor your life's purpose. You'll worry about how you look, what others think, and whether or not you're going to succeed in life.

But when you believe God's promise, 'I have loved you with an everlasting love... I will build you, and you shall be rebuilt' (Jer. 31:3- 4), you're free to focus on improving and reaching your God-given potential. What life has torn down, God can rebuild.

Today, if you're suffering from lack of self-worth, here's a prayer to help you: 'Father, sometimes I think I'm of no use, that I can't do anything right, that nothing I do is ever good enough. But I know that when You look at who I am, and who I can be - You see Jesus. And He is good enough!  It's good enough that He shed His precious blood to cover my unworthiness. Good enough that He paid the price for every sin I would ever commit. Good enough that He's working to perfect me each day. Good enough that He sees me as 'righteous' in Christ. Good enough that He's interceding for me at the throne of God right now. Good enough that He's mending the broken areas of my life and making me whole. Good enough that His love for me is everlasting and guaranteed. Thank You, Father, that everything Jesus does is good enough, and that in Him, I am good enough too!'




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