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Shelby is 71/2 weeks pregnant, their second child. She has had so much morning sickness making her unusually sick and had to go to the hospital yesterday. They found its her gallbladder and they did testing on her all day yesterday. She was dehydrated and they gave her antibiotics and fluids. Cody was not himself I know his mind was on his wife he looked so worried. Please agree with us for both of them. Surgeries one of the options if necessary.

Father in the name of Jesus the name that is above all other names. At the mention of that name demons tremble! We praise you Lord and thank you for that baby  Shelby has in her body. Bless that child and it’s mother in the mighty name of Jesus! we know all the doctors and surgeons have great wisdom and knowledge concerning Shelby  and her precious baby. Children are a blessing from God. Thank you Lord.
We send the word to Shelby “healing is the children’s bread” we stand on that word. “No weapon formed against them will prosper” Jesus was Whipped upon his precious back for all our healings! It is written: By the stripes of Jesus, Shelby you and your baby are healed, hallelujah thank you Lord. We praise you and thank you for what you’re doing in their life touch Cody and give him strength let them both turn to you at this time Lord and know that nothing absolutely nothing is ever impossible with you Jesus.

Arlene Caraway 
Sunlite Ministries

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