Brothers and sister in the Lord, we have to have different Eyesight in the days like this, the world is folling into pieces, but the Lord will be with his onwn children.

Like the days of Naomi and Ruth,when NAOMI her husband died she lost her hope, even her vision with her two daughter in laws was gone, she said to her two daughter in laws,return to your people, (Ruth 1:8), both of them said know we will go with you.

i dont want you to have just en eye that gives you just a small vision, open your eyes like Ruth,her sister in law Orpah, went back,

In the days like this;

are you afraid of this world economy crisis?

are you afraid that all things around you are folling apart?

are you afraid that you are lossing all things?

are you afraid that you dont have any money right now?

Let me tell you Ruth she had a different Eyesight me too,we are going to shipp our 4th Container next month of March, this is the reason Rev.Peter Ndamba been in USA now.

keep intouch.