TODAY'S MANNA  for Tuesday Apr. 16, 2019
Accelerating Your Spiritual Growth!
  "Reprove not a scorner, lest he hate you; reprove a wise man, and he will love you.  Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be yet wiser; teach a righteous man...and he will increase in learning."
Proverbs 9:8-9            The Amplified Bible
    Do you want to accelerate your spiritual growth in the fastest way?  Then you need to learn to take correction, from the Spirit of God and through His people when He sends correction through people.   Read the above scripture again. Most of us love it when our pastor preaches about something we already know,  or about some aspect of life we've already submitted to the Lord in, we think he's a great pastor.  We like him because he makes us feel good.  But let that same pastor stand up and begin to preach about something we're doing wrong, or some area that we need to change in or turn over to the Lord for His help and we immediately put up a wall and begin to take offense.  How dare him preach that!  There will even be some who will get up and leave while he is yet preaching!  How dare them leave, when God is trying to correct them!  They can’t take, or worse yet, don’t want correction in their walk with God, they are not submitted to God’s correction in their lives.  We have got to get over that and learn to esteem the gift of the pastor that has been given to us by God and learn to accept the Lord's chastening through him.  Or for that matter through any of the leaders or elders the Lord has placed over us.  We need to learn to receive that word of correction or guidance and begin to examine ourselves and ask the Lord; "Is that right?  Does that agree with Your Word?  Do I need to make some adjustments or changes in this area?"  If any of the answers are yes, then make them and watch your spiritual life begin to flourish even more.  A man once said, "If you think you've already arrived, you really aren't going anywhere anyway."   Remember correction is not rejection, it is direction given unto perfection!
   Thank you, Father, for loving me and sending me Jesus to be my example.  I ask, that by Your Holy Spirit, You help me to live the life that Jesus would have me to live.  Father help me to allow the 'Teacher' to teach me Your ways and help me Lord to receive correction when correction is due.  Lord I want nothing more than to grow and mature in You more each day.  In  Jesus' mighty name I pray.

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