Pastor Allan wrote:


please pray for Bill and Linda Reed who have broadcast on sunlite radio....very good program but few listeners also Linda was injured in a fall recently and cannot do radio anyway,deaths also in the family....Bill Reed sounds on a verge of a nervous breakdown really a lot of warfare
Father we praise you for who you are the king of kings and Lord of lords the great I am that I am.
The word of God says think it not strange when these things happen to you I praise you Lord because if nothing was happening,  if there was no warfare, these people would be of no use to the Lord! Hallelujah, but because they are there’s great warfare! We pray great healing for Linda Reed! What the enemy meant for evil God is turning around for good! Glory Praise you Jesus! And Bill Reed has the mind of Christ Jesus he will have no break down in Jesus name for it is written Satan: by the stripes of Jesus Bill & Linda Reed are healed! Glory, thank you Jesus. We expect a good report and we all agree amen
Arlene Caraway
Sunlite Ministries
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