May 31, 2019

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The Daily Truth-Michael Boldea


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Training Day to Prepare the Harvesters

Wanted Worship Leaders

Roo-Hop 2019

We have a day set aside for all workers to come together to worship, pray and get equipped.

Date, Time and Location
Saturday June 1st, 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Southview Church
3011 Harrah Dr. Spring Hill, TN 37174

If at all possible we encourage you to come to the training on June 1st, but if your schedule does not allow then reach out to one of the leaders listed below. 

RooHOP (House of Prayer)
To schedule to lead worship or prayer email Dylan Tarpley at or Peggy Adams for questions concerning the House of Prayer at

Thunder Tent
To schedule a worship set or ask questions concerning the outreach tent contact Callie McKinney at

Micro Communities and Mobile Evangelism
Contact Courtney Cordes at

Hospitality and Volunteers at the Tent
For questions on other ways to serve contact Candace Notestine at

Shuttle Bus Drivers, Sound Technicians and Security
If you are interested in helping out with one of these areas please contact Alex Robertson at


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We welcome all the Churches, Artists, Musicians, and groups across the country to participate each month in our "Stand For Life" day of fasting and prayer whiich is the last Thursday of each month.



Connect 2020 April 3-5 T.B.A.

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Here is a link to the new Rustic Songbird Podcast a new podcast with Lydia Walker. The first two interviews are available now, including interviews with Erskin Anavitarte and Julie Keltonic.


Know You By Name-Olivia Conn

The past few Sundays, I was asked to lead worship in our Middle School and then High School group at my church.   I lead fairly often in one of the two rooms, and have grown to really love worshipping with these precious teens and preteens.   I remember how forming those years were for me in regards to my relationship with the Lord and my desire to, and understanding of worship.
 Watching them grow in their faith, and encouraging them in their walk with the Lord has been a joy.     Every Sunday I pray for the Lord to download something into my heart that will reach these kids.    Life and culture are different then they were when I was their age, but that doesn't change our Father or how He works.      And every Sunday I pray that the things that are said, prayed, or shared will sink beyond the momentary participation and stick in the hearts and minds of he hearer.     The past 2 Sundays the Lord put the same thing on my heart.    Something that in some ways I think He downloaded more for me then for them.   But it is still resonating with me now as I type this.     About 6 or 7 years ago, my brother, who I have always been close to, who grew up in the same household, going to the same church, having many of the same friends, confessed to me, that he no longer believed in God.   My brother has always had strong opinions and has always been a bit stubborn, but even with him majoring in philosophy and theology in college, I didn't see this coming.
My heart was broken and continues to break for him as I pray daily that the Lord would draw him back, like the prodigal son.  That his heart would be softened to the truth and that he would realize the lies he has been believing are nothing but the enemy.
But as I thought about this, on this Sunday morning preparing for church, I heard the Lord say "What he (My brother) chooses not to believe, does not change the who I am.  It does not change the Truth".      And I was reminded in that moment, that the magnitude of the majesty of our creator and King, is neither affected by or altered by what we choose to believe or not believe about Him.  That our opinions don't change His power.  He is the same yesterday, today, and forever more.    And our thoughts about Him do not change who He is....they change who we are.     We have the choice to encounter Him, and learn more about Him, not because He owes us an explanation, or is affected by our opinions of Him, but because He wants us to know Him, He wants us to experience His love, His goodness, His kindness, His fullness of life.   
I was reminded this past week of the story of Moses from Exodus 33.   The Bible tells us that Moses would meet with God in a tent and the Lord would speak to him, face to face as to a friend.   And while in the tent of meeting, Moses would plead on behalf of the Israelites.   Asking the Lord not to leave them or send them away without His presence.    The Lord responds in verse 17 saying "I will do the very thing you have asked, because I am pleased with you and I know you by name".    They had an intimate, relationship.   The Lord honored Moses's request for an entire people because of their relationship.   Because of Moses's faithfulness and heart to serve and honor Him.     And then the Lord showed him His glory.   
Here is the thing.....we no longer have to rely on someone to plead for us, to meet with the Lord on our behalf.   To communicate with the Lord and then tell us what to do or how to obey.   We no longer have to encounter the Lord vicariously through someone else.   The veil has been torn.  Jesus has come and made a way for us to be with our Father.   We have direct access to His presence and to have an encounter with Him just like Moses did.    We can seek His face, we can know His heart, we can meet with Him at any place and time.      A huge part of the act of worship is taking the time to do just that.   To spend time in His presence, experiencing an encounter with the Living God, to see His glory, and hear His voice.    And lift up His name.   And I believe that the heavens move when we spend that kind of time with our King.   Intentional, "Tent of Meeting" kind of time.  And maybe what our country needs right now more than anything, is for the children of God, to spend more time encountering Him.  More time in His presence, getting to know Him more intimately and seeking His glory above all else.    That He would say of us, "I will do the very thing you have asked, because I am pleased with you and I know you by name".


                           April 13,14,15 2019 WI Dells WI.

                                    Wintergreen Resort

          To reserve a room dial 1-800-648-4765 Press 1 to reserve. 



From Erskin:

Have you heard Grace Made the First Move? The song is officially out on Spotify, iTunes and Amazon!

Read more about the song's release here.


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Not In Our Town-Song And Album To Bring Awareness To The Scourge Of Human Sex Trafficking Releasing.



 Gene Schmidt commissioned Grammy nominee Gordon Mote, to recently sing the song "Not In Our Town" as an anthem to bring awareness to the scourge of Human Sex Trafficking. ost top ten albums.
Gordon is honored and humbled by the artists and producers who place their trust in him, “I always try to bring my creativity and do the very best I can.”
The goal of the song is to raise awareness and stir people to be aware of what’s happening locally in their town. Never did we think it would hit in our small community, but apparently small town USA are the communities that these sadistic procurers’ are targeting.
The proceeds from this song is twofold, 50% will benefit the Christian Co-alition who is fighting to shut down these establishments under the 501 C3 umbrella of Adoration Abode, P.O. Box 780, Watertown, WI. 53094 and the other half will be forwarded to 5 Stones ministry who works tirelessly to educate youth and adults regarding trafficking.
Help us spread the word and make a statement to the pimps, falcons, hitmen, lieutenants, and drug lords exploiting our children; to say that we will stand at the gate of our communities and say, “Not In OUR Town”.

Song Download Here:

Album release coming in May 2019.


CSMI Month Of  June 2019 Schedule:

This is the link for the February CSMI events. Please check them out.

The Edge Podcast with Scott Logan

Check out this weekly podcast from CSMI artist Scott Logan who lives in Portland Maine.


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We welcome Crystal Hott and family to CSMI. They will be our state leaders in Ohio and we welcome John Malala from Kenya.


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