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I escaped my whole adolescence doing drugs starting with carbona spot remover, alcohol, marijuana, street drugs, etc. The Lord preserved me that I never got into any addicting drugs. In the natural I shouldn't even have any brain cells because of all the overdoses and alcohol poisoning, etc.


I have always been nervous around people. I started taking prescription drugs to try to calm down but it just made me worse. Took drugs all the way through high school and my first two marriages. I ended up with so much guilt that I went into severe depression. The first church I ever went to was a cult where the pastor was having sex during counseling with all the women. The Lord preserved me through that.


I was a child with special needs and had a baby that was born with brain damage. I was not in any shape to care for a child that took special care. He had grand mall seizures and I already had severe fear of everything. I ended up being isolated for most of Levi's life, that is 45 years. My chief joy is when I met Jesus and He filled me with His spirit, delivered me of depression, and turned my life around. I spent much time quiet with Him writing and what kept my spirit lifted was when He took me by His side and led me in dance. I love to worship Him that is what I live for!


To add to what contributed to the drug abuse was living with a mother who had severe mental and emotional problems and she took it all out upon me. You could say I lived The Exorcist movie. She was possessed. At the time I did not know the Lord. All I knew was the evil I experienced in my home with my mother. I never let go of God's faithfulness to save my parents. They both died in the Lord!


I wonder why I feel uncomfortable around people to this day but I know God can heal and restore. He promises us a hope and a future and that is what I hold on to. He is my only hope! He kept me, sustained me through the hardest of times when in the natural I was so close to a complete nervous breakdown. I still get very discouraged. It is a constant battle to keep the joy and peace.


It is like being on a vacation when I experience His presence! The Lord began a good and perfect work in me, and He is faithful to complete it. This is just a portion of my story. I definitely could write a book of all God preserved me through. I am amazed when I look back and see another person back in those days. The Lord delivered me of such an unholy lifestyle searching for love in the wrong places!






    Yolanda Ballard















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