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The amount of land classified as urban has more than doubled since 2000¯40% of new urbanites became so when cities engulfed their villages. Newer communities are springing up daily in China, where housing prices are cheaper than in the cities. These new communities are the new mission field there. We pray that churches will have the vision to establish new points of worship and even purchase a place of worship.
Preschool education ( for children aged 3-6 years) is the fastest growing and the least regulated part of the education system in China. Recently, it is attracting lots of attention and investment from the policymakers, investors and parents alike. We pray for Christian parents who will not only pray for their children for health and good grades but also ask the Lord to help them teach their children to love God above all things their whole lives. We pray, too for churches in helping the parents know how to raise godly children.
In contrast to Buddhism and Taoism that receive public official support, Christianity is oppressed. Part of the reason is the monotheistic nature (believing God is the only truth and way), which threaten the Party¯s belief that the Party is the Mother and the only truth. In certain regions, churches are under closer scrutiny than in others. We continue to pray for all churches as they walk the ¯tightrope¯ of expanding ministries and attendance, without drawing too much interference.
It is not uncommon that some pastors of the house churches in southern China have their own business; they are able to support themselves financially without being salaried by their church. This is not the case for the rest of China, especially northern China. Many pastors there are expected to serve with a token salary, insufficient to support their family. We pray that house churches will honor and treat their shepherds well, and not abuse them.
In recent years, college ministries have sprung up in mid-size to large cities in China. But, they lack contacts, network, and sharing of resources with each other, and because of theological differences, fellowships are often antagonistic toward one another. We pray for humility and a cooperative spirit for all leaders of student fellowships. Many are prideful of their number of students and are very turf-minded even not allowing their students to go to other fellowships or local churches.
Among college students and single working professionals, females outnumber males, Among college students and non-married working professionals, especially those aged 22-45, females outnumber males. Church leaders tend to be older and more dictatorial; they are often intimidated because younger believers want more collective decision-making. We pray for mutual understanding, humility and respect between young people and their church leaders
In most urban churches, the generation of 45-60 years old is usually missing or not active at all. For those 60 years and older, especially among churches with community outreach, again, women outnumbered men. It is a great blessing when a church has older Christians who can visit and care for other elderly members. We pray these people who are usually retired but still active and healthy will be willing to minister to others. May the Lord use them mightily as they care for, pray with, and teach others.

城市教會中的大學生和在職未婚者有女多男少的現象,尤其青壯年齡層(22 - 45歲)的性別比例更十分懸殊。年長的教會領袖習慣做帶領、做決定,年輕的信徒則希望有份參與教會的決策。我們為領袖和年輕信徒能彼此接納禱告,求神在眾人心裡動工,信徒能存著謙卑的心,彼此了解和尊重,務要討主喜悅。
在許多城市教會中,都有中老年(45 - 60歲)斷層情況,他們不僅數目較少且不積極 ;至於60歲以上的老年人,主要參與以小區為中心外展的教會,且這樣的教會大部分姊妹多弟兄少。教會中擁有已退休但還有體力的會友是神極大的祝福,他們能照顧和關懷比他們更年長的弟兄姊妹。求主大大使用他們的服事,讓他們的靈命也藉著與神同工而不斷成長。



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